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#26 in an ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet.

Oh yes, I say! Love these leetle foxes.

Thanks to Tanita S. Davis, who tipped me off about yet another cool alphabet set. These samples are from Jess Bradley’s “Rather Odd Alphabet.” It’s full of quirky creatures and many unusual words, some of which will twist your tongue twenty ways from Saturday trying to pronounce them. What fun!


Jess is an illustrator living in Bristol, England. Check out her website and blog to find out more about her work. She also has a cool online shop where you can purchase prints (she ships internationally).


Click here to see all of Jess’s “Rather Odd Alphabet.”


♥♥ If you come across any cool, unusual, or otherwise noteworthy alphabet-related stuff (books, art, graphics, whatever), please let me know so I can feature it here and add it to my collection. Thanks!

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