ve have a vinner!


Velcome Vamps!

Time to give away the Blessed ARC!

This is of the utmost importance, because the longer it stays in my possession, the more I vant to suck your blood, the more obsessed I become with the letter "V" — voles, venom, vipers, vitriol!

*sips blood wine*

Thank you all for entering. I salivvvvvvvated uncontrollably reading about your favorite red foods.

There were juicy strawberries,


ravvvvvvishing raspberries (fingers taste good, too),

D. Sharon Pruitt/flickr

a raft of tomatoes,


spicy, bubbling spaghetti sauce,


and one of my all-time favorite vices, cherry pie.


Several of you were enamoured with that luscious Southern favorite, Red Velvet Cake. Oh yes, all excellent choices!


The carnivvvvvores threw down a slab or two of rare beef steak. The bloodier, the better.


But when all was said and done (i.e., when the Random Number Generator spoke), the vinner’s red food of choice was decidedly PINK:


Now, I’m happy to announce that the ARC of Blessed by Cynthia Leitich Smith goes to —

(drum roll, please),


(How I love a person who prefers vood vit vins!)


Ms. Dead, enjoy this tantalizing book about the Undead!

Thanks again to everyone for entering. Here are some blood oranges for the road. You can suck on these until Blessed comes out on January 25th, 2011! ☺


Or, you can always gnaw on your neighbor . . .

Vamoose! Villians! Victims! Vile, vindictive, violent vegetables!

Bring on the vonderful vampires!

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