stand behind military kids!

Last week I heard about a cool project via Sara Lewis Holmes: the "Stand Behind Military Kids Wall of Thanks" at the National Military Family Association website.

People from all over the country are submitting photos to show their support and say "thank you" to all the military kids who serve their country by saying goodbye, stepping up at home, writing letters, and giving up one of their parents for months at a time.

Of course, when the Rattigan teddies heard about this, they insisted on participating. We’d like to encourage everyone to upload a photo between now and December 31st. It’s very easy to do: just go to, download the PDF of the sign, fill in your name or organization, take the photo and then email it to the address provided. Your photo should be added to the slideshow within 24 hours.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes from your busy holiday schedule to show these kids how much you appreciate their service. Click here for all the details and to see the slideshow of photos already submitted. Please Facebook, blog, and/or Tweet this info so we can build a huge Wall of Thanks!

♥ Check out Sara’s post, which includes photos of some of the authors and teachers at the recent NCTE Conference in Orlando!

♥ Sara also posted a comprehensive list of resources for Connecting with Kids from Military Families.


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