new year’s hawaiian style

#1 in an eclectic collection of notable noshes to whet your appetite and brighten your day.

**This post is especially for MiniPlu and Two ♥♥!

“With our dumplings, we eat roast pork, three kinds of kimchi, spinach and bean sprout namul, spicy seaweed, taegu, boiled tripe, and octopus. Hiram and I love the Korean dessert we get only on New Year’s: yak pap. He pulls off a chunk of the brown sticky rice mixed with honey, dates and pine nuts and hands it to me. I lick every bit off my fingers.

‘Your elephant ears sure tasted better than they looked!’ he says to me.

I think about how much everyone liked the dumpling soup. Even my funny dumplings. Maybe it was because we ate them at Grandma’s, all of us together.

‘Next year,’ I tell everyone, ‘I will make even better dumplings.’

I can hardly wait.

Hello, brand new year!”

~ from Dumpling Soup by Jama Kim Rattigan (Little, Brown)

Here are some of the foods mentioned in the excerpt prepared by my mother, Margaret, for her New Year’s celebration in Hawai’i. Some things, like family food and cultural traditions, never change. And that is a good thing ☺. Thanks to my brother Newton (the model for Hiram in the story) for the photos. Enjoy!

“If we eat first thing on New Year’s Day, we won’t go hungry for the rest of the year.”


 Hope your 2011 is filled with many memorable meals, and that you broaden your culinary horizons by trying some new ethnic foods.


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