2011 Poetry Friday archive

1. “The Soup Song” by Raffy Conti.

2. “Tomatoes” by Stephen Dobyns.

3. “If Only Humpty Dumpty Had Been a Cookie” by Diane Lockward.

4. “No Soup for You” by Diane Lockward.

5. “Ode to Olive Oil” by Barbara Crooker.

6. “Irresistible” by Tabatha Yeatts, “Untitled” by Mary Lee Hahn.

7. “The Raspberry Room” by Karin Gottshall.

8. Basho haiku.

9. “Desire Under the Cheese Grater” by Marilyn Annucci.

10. “The Banquet” by John Mole.

11. “Lasagna Factory” by Heidi Mordhorst.

12. “Mozart Sends Concertos to the Horn Player Joseph Leutgeb,” by Tabatha Yeatts

13. “Mother Bird’s Lullaby” by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

14. “Preparing Lucky Pea Soup in the New Year” by Kelli Russell Agodon

15. “Alphabet Collector” by Rebecca Kai Dotlich

16. “Cookin’ It” by Sue Staats

17. “Fat is Not a Fairy Tale” by Jane Yolen

18. “Arroz con Leche/Rice Pudding” by Jorge Argueta

19. “Shelling Peas” by Kelly Fineman, “Shelling Peas” by Penny Harter.

20. “The Health-Food Diner” by Maya Angelou

21. “Vegetable Love” by Barbara Crooker

22. Chat with Lee Bennett Hopkins

23. “My Mother’s Pie Crust” by Barbara Crooker

24. “The Clean Platter” by Ogden Nash

25. “The Sound of Trees” by Robert Frost

26. A Full Moon is Rising by Marilyn Singer and Julia Cairns

27. “Banana Strings” by J. Patrick Lewis

28. “The Poet is Told to Fill Up More Pages” by Mary Oliver

29. “Those Biscuits” by Traci Yavas

30. “Manners” by Kim Addonizio

31. “Breakfast” by Diane Wakoski

32. “Apple Season” by Joyce Sutphen

33. “This Time of Year” by Barbara Crooker

34. Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan and Jon J Muth

35. “Kettles” by Nancy Byrd Turner

36. “Three Women Sharing a Bowl of Crème Brûlée” by Elizabeth Smither

37. “Moon-seeking Soup” by Penny Harter

38. “Oh! Mr. Best You’re Very Bad” by Jane Austen

39. “A Receipt for a Pudding” by Mrs. George Austen

40. “Food, Glorious Food” by Lionel Bart


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