sweet baby pie


Ooh, ooh!

Today is National Pie Day!!

Just in case you didn’t know, thought I’d send out a little reminder that it is your civic duty to eat, bake, share and/or revel in the wonder that is pie. Wouldn’t a piece of warm deep dish apple pie taste good right about now with a nice cup of tea? Perfect comfort food for a cold winter’s day.

I love all the fruit pies pictured above, and have baked all of them at some point in my life. Which do you prefer, the crust or the filling? A good shortcrust, light and flaky, is the mark of a good baker. I’d better go practice . . .

Meanwhile, this guy can bake me a pie anytime. Sweet!

What kind of pie are you having today?

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*Pie photo by Steve Buchanan/flickr.

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