take two of these and call me in the morning

#2 in an eclectic collection of notable noshes to whet your appetite and brighten your day.



Take a block of finest chocolate weighing one ton (or 20 sackfuls of broken chocolate whichever is the easier). Place chocolate in very large cauldron and melt over red-hot furnace. When melted, lower the heat slightly so as not to burn the chocolate, but keep it boiling. Now add the following, in precisely the order given, stirring well all the time and allowing each item to dissolve before adding the next:

The hoof of a manticore
The trunk (and the suitcase) of an elephant
The yolks of three eggs from a whiffle-bird
A wart from a wart-hog
The horn of a cow (it must be a loud horn)
The front tail of a cockatrice
Six ounces of sprunge from a young slimescraper
Two hairs (and one rabbit) from the head of a hippocampus
The beak of a red-breasted wilbatross
A corn from the toe of a unicorn
The four tentacles of a quadropus
The hip (and the po and the pot) of a hippopatamus
The snout of a proghopper
A mole from a mole
The hide (and the seek) of a spotted whangdoodle
The whites of 12 eggs from a tree-squeak
The three feet of a snozzwanger (if you can’t get three feet, one yard will do)
The square-root of a south American abacus
The fangs of a viper (it must be a vindscreen viper)
The chest (and the drawers) of a wild grout

When all the above are thoroughly dissolved, boil for a further 27 days but do not stir. At the end of this time, all liquid will have evaporated and there will be left in the bottom of the cauldron only a hard brown lump about the size of a football. Break this open with a hammer and in the very centre of it you will find a small round pill. This pill is WONKA-VITE.

~ Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

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 Tip: Wonka-Vites have been known to cure a variety of ailments, including Writer’s Block and Twitteritis, in addition to making people younger.

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