poetry potluck 2011 complete menu and giveaway winners


Happy Monday and Happy May!

Can’t believe how fast time flies — Poetry Month is already over.

But what a time we had — welcoming Spring, kite-fishing from lighthouses, communing with elephants, flirting with the devilishly dangerous Mr. Dark Chocolate himself. We read about several beloved grandparents, traveled to Vienna with Mozart, even crowned a Pineapple Princess. And I got to try six new recipes: Lemon Waffles, Chili Dip, Cheatin’ Shells, Chocolate Shortbread, Carrot Soup and Lucky Pea Soup. Nom nom!
Best of all, though, was getting to know the Potluck Poets a little better. Reading their poems and writing up their little bios whetted my appetite for more. I finally got around to reading a few books I’d been wanting to read for a long time, like Susan Taylor Brown’s Hugging the Rock, Irene Latham’s The Color of Lost Rooms, and several by JoAnn Early Macken: Flip, Float, Fly: Seeds on the Move, Sing-Along Song, Waiting Out the Storm. I also revisited a few cherished favorites — Bella and Bean by Rebecca Kai Dotlich, Here’s a Little Poem, Count Me a Rhyme, and Baby Bear’s Chairs by Jane Yolen, and Brave Potatoes by Toby Speed. Sigh. I usually read a fair amount of poetry throughout the year, but the Potluck affords me the opportunity to focus on my guests. 

As the old saying goes, "You are what you eat." The poets’ recipes taught me a lot about them, fun stuff. Vegetarian or carnivore? Quick and easy or factory friendly? Sinfully sweet or savory and sassy? Romance flavored a couple of the dishes. Many were family traditions, handed down and cherished through the generations. Whether the food was prepared with or for love, there’s nothing like those heartwarming backstories. Much as I enjoy eating, for me the lasting nourishment comes from knowing where a recipe comes from, why it’s part of someone’s life, how or why he/she might have altered or adapted it. Just a few more revelations in my ongoing quest to learn what poets and writers eat. The pabulum always spills onto the page.

Now, for the Big Poetry Giveaway. There were 34 entries, and we decided to use a Random Number Generator to avoid the usual teddy bear kerfuffle. To maximize the suspense, the first winner was the third number shown, and the second winner, the fourth number. 


And now, after all kinds of highly scientific ciphering, the winner of Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room by Kelli Russell Agodon is — *drum roll, please*


No, no! DrumROLL, not drumSTICK! Seems to me the same thing happened last year. Somebody’s been eating too much spaghetti.

Let’s try that again. The first winner is — *drum roll, please*:


Andromeda Jazmon!!

And the winner of More by Barbara Crooker is  — *drum roll, please*


Jone Rush MacCulloch!!

Congratulations, Andi and Jone!

Big thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and noshed with us during April, and a special thanks to those of you who took the time to comment! More poetry to come on Poetry Fridays, so keep those berets and bibs on. ☺

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*Appetizers, "The Banquet" by John Mole

1. April Halprin Wayland: "Waiting for Waffles," Lemon Waffles

2. Carol Weiss: "Pasghetti Freddie," Chunky Tomato Sauce

3. JoAnn Early Macken: "Construction Crew," Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins

4. Heidi Mordhorst: "Lasagna Factory," Lasagna Factory in Action

5. Diane Mayr: "Poem," Almond Bars

6. Jessica Swaim: "I-Scream," I-Scream Cake

7. Irene Latham: "Still Life with Watermelon, Pears and Grapes," Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips

8. Barbara Crooker: "Ode to Chocolate," Chocolate Shortbread

9. Toby Speed: "The Kitefisher," Mystery Cake

10. Tabatha Yeatts: "Mozart Sends Concertos to the Horn Player Joseph Leutgeb," Concerto Cheese Puffs

11. Jane Yolen: "My Mother’s Kitchen," Fiona’s Carrot Soup 

12. Marilyn Singer: "Dining Out," Lunch Salad

13. Tracie Vaughn Zimmer: "Grace," "Mud Spa," Cheatin’ Shells

14. Amy Ludwig VanDerwater: "Mother Bird’s Lullaby," Grandma VanDerwater’s Pineapple Slices

15. Rebecca Kai Dotlich: "This Morning," Frosted Sugar Cookies

16. Jone Rush MacCulloch: Untitled Shadorma, 3 Haiga, Grandma Mac’s Graham Cracker Pie

17. Susan Taylor Brown: "Dinner with Papa," Buffalo Tri-Tip in Harissa and Yogurt Marinade

18. Kate Coombs: "Corn," "Jalapeno," "Paleta," Easy Crowd-Pleasing Chili Dip

19. Kelli Russell Agodon: "Preparing Lucky Pea Soup in the New Year," Lucky Black-Eyed Pea Soup

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