six happy things on a tuesday

1. Amiable houseguest: our great-nephew Charlie, surely the sweetest, most adorable munchkin in the land, was here over the weekend. To his credit: good looking in PJs, can pronounce my name correctly, puts trash in the bin, likes my bread pudding, eats his veggies, good napper, smiles 99% of the time, likes washing machine buttons. We are presently negotiating his employment here as a duster.

          Charlie with his dad, Brad. Want one of those monkey bibs.

2. Made an egg custard pie after being inspired by Candice Ransom’s guest post about her mom’s great baking prowess. Sprinkled extra nutmeg on top just like Candice likes it. Can you say smooth and velvety?

3. Fox sightings! Fuzzy the Fox has a brand new family — a wife and two kits. One afternoon I spotted one of the babies out and about by himself while everyone else was asleep. Finally captured the rascal playing near the den, which is quite a comfy compound with 3 mounded entrances and an impressive series of underground tunnels. The babies’ names: Kit and Kaboodle, of course!

4. Finally got a Kindle. First book I’m reading is Robin Brande’s YA novel, Doggirl. Loving it. Think I might subscribe to a few magazines to cut down on the clutter around here.


5. Baby bird: Every year, we have a bird’s nest in the same corner of our porch roof. The mama bird sat for days on end and finally, little beaks appeared! In a tragic turn of events, one of the nestlings fell out of the nest, but its sibling survived. This jumbo fledgling likely needed more room. Hope Mama makes the nest a little larger next year.

6. More pie! Recently went to Hill High Country Store and scored a divine cherry pie. Bar none, these are some of the best pies around, with crusts so light and flaky your eyes roll back in your head. Definitely worth the hour’s drive. Gonna try their peach next time. ☺

Happy Tuesday, All! Whatever’s on your agenda, have fun and remember to smile at the next person you see. And eat some pie. One can never have too much pie. Did I mention I like pie?

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