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Some of you may have noticed I have a full out obsession tiny weakness for china and crockery. My favorite thing to do is set the table. What can I say? I love to play with dishes.

At present, we have three cupboards and three hutches brimming with cups, plates, teapots, platters, and bowls. No room for any more. No, no room at all.

I’m usually okay as long as I don’t see something. But the other day a Google+ friend posted this:

Trinket dish or tea bag holder

Curious to see more, I clicked through to the Etsy Shop and found some delightful pieces for sale at LennyMud (Lenny is the artist’s cat). Everything is handmade, non-toxic, eco-friendly, lead free, dishwasher and microwave safe.

And there are mustaches! I’m married to a Lenny with a mustache! It must be a sign, right? But I decided that if I show you these cute things, you’ll be tempted to buy them so I won’t have to.

Yes, that’ll work,right?

One of a kind Peeping Sugar and Creamer Set

Hmmm. I have such great willpower. No more pottery for me, no siree.

One of a kind candy dish or planter

Talk about admirable restraint. If I can resist a coconut cupcake, I can resist these things. Right?

Phew! That was close. Sometimes I really amaze myself. ☺

One of a kind teapot

Wanna see more? You know you do. LennyMud is here.

Support an independent artist today!

*skips away*


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12 thoughts on “cute stuff

  1. I LOVE that sugar bowl! The downside of trying to cut out sugar, though, is I have no reason to buy it. What else could I put in it? Think, think…


  2. Oh, if *someone else* buys that little sugar dish for you… then, technically, you still got away scot free, right?

    You have to treat dishes like other people treat shoes; one in, one out.
    Surely you can think of something to give away so you can have that set… no?


    1. One in, one out makes perfect sense, of course. But I’m not sensible. Now you just reminded me I need to get rid of lots of shoes!


  3. Jama, that first one reminded me of a gift I bought for someone last Christmas — it was a small set (I think three in all) of “word balloon”-shaped small dishes. I think they were actually meant to function as “ink dishes” for cartoonists or comic book artists.

    (Maybe I should have gotten some for myself…!)

    And I think Len needs that mustache mug. — PL


  4. Yes, you definitely need some comic balloon dishes! Or maybe you can design some turtle-ish ones :).

    Hmmm, Len does have a birthday coming up soon. . .


  5. So wonderful. And someday (if you haven’t blogged about it already) I’d love to know how you started your collection and where you found some of your winsome pieces.


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