ta da!: cakespy presents sweet treats for a sugar-filled life by jessie oleson

As Cakespy herself would say, “Like OMG!”

Prepare yourselves for the ultimate SUGAR RUSH: Jessie Oleson’s very first cookbook, CakeSpy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life, is officially out! Can you think of a million ways to say ADORABLE!?

Longtime readers of this blog know I’ve been a big Cakespy fan for the last three years. It’s been such fun (a decidedly

photo by Paul Hipple

delicious vicarious thrill) to follow Jessie’s ever-burgeoning career as an author, artist, “adventure” baker, gallery owner, savvy businesswoman and primo blogger.

As Head Spy of her very own Dessert Detective Agency, whose mission is “Seeking Sweetness in Everyday Life,” Jessie has proven that following one’s passions, working hard, consistently cultivating a positive outlook and transmitting mega-watt joy can reap sweet, sweet rewards.

Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life contains 60 over-the-top recipes, the likes of which you’ve never seen before (unless you’ve been following her blog). Absolute crazycakes! For breakfast, do you fancy Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict or Birthday Cake French Toast? Up for a Pookie, a Cookie-Coated Pie, or maybe some Tricked-Out Cereal Treats? Seriously, why settle for an ordinary cupcake when you can have one stuffed with a miniature cupcake? Like whoa.

Cupcake-Stuffed Cupcake photo by Clare Barboza

Jessie freely admits these treats are not for daily consumption. They’re meant to be enjoyed “in extreme moderation” — when you’d like to go where no baker has ever gone before. After all, Jessie strives to “bring a sense of fun and fearlessness to baking,” to inspire you to test, try, experiment and surprise yourself with the results. “From scratch” recipes happily co-exist with others calling for cake, brownie or cookie mixes and store-bought doughnuts. All are very doable if you’re brave enough to follow Jessie’s lead and indulge your wildest sugar fantasies.

Ice Cream Pudding Pie photo by Clare Barboza

The book is generously sprinkled with her charming, whimsical drawings, complete with speech balloons, funny quips and asides that add another layer of sweet ‘n sassy delight.  I don’t know about you, but I love when my cookies, cakes and pies talk to me. And yes, star mascot Cuppie is up to his usual mischief and will no doubt attract legions of new admirers. Jessie’s art is her distinctive brand — it sets her apart from the legions of other dessert bloggers and truly makes this cookbook a unique visual treat.

Breakfasts of Champions photo by Rachelle Longé
Smart Cookies photo by Rachelle Longé

Hungry? Go get your paws on her new book pronto so you can wrap your lips around all that is devilishly delish. Haven’t you always wanted to taste a rainbow? This is the perfect gift book for the holidays. Did I mention the doughnuts?

Rainbow Layer Cake photo by Clare Barboza

To learn a little more about what makes this lovable baker tick, check out this recent interview:



written and illustrated by Jessie Oleson
with photographs by Clare Barboza and Rachelle Longé
published by Sasquatch Books, October 2011
Paperback original, trim size 7″ x 8″, 160 pp.
Available wherever exceptionally fine, lip-smacking books are sold ☺!


♥ Join the celebration! From now through December, Jessie will be touring eleven bakeries around the country — hanging out, eating baked goods, signing books. She promises to draw a cupcake, unicorn, and/or robot in every book purchased. Click here for the full schedule (also includes details about her ongoing Virtual Blog Tour, where various bloggers have baked some of the recipes in the book). I especially like Shauna Sever’s post about making your own candy corn over at Piece of Cake.

Click here to see some photos from the official Launch Party at the Cakespy Shop in Seattle.

♥ My 2010 interview with Jessie Oleson is here, featuring some of her art and quite a few obscenely decadent French pastries.

♥ Be sure to visit Cakespy.com. Don’t forget to check out the Shop, where you can purchase a signed book and lots of other cool merchandise.

♥ Visit photographer Clare Barboza’s website and blog to see more of her beautiful work!

Have a Sweet Day!

Congratulations, Jessie!


*Spreads posted by permission, text and art copyright © 2011 Jessie Oleson, recipe photos © 2011 Clare Barboza, chapter heading photos © 2011 Rachelle Longé, published by Sasquatch Books. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2011 Jama Rattigan of Jama’s Alphabet Soup. All rights reserved.

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  1. I remember your first Cakespy post and I became an instant fan! But this is too much! You are killing me! That rainbow cake!!! Cupcake in a cupcake? How wonderful is that!

    Jama, if you continue to post cupcakeness every week, I may have to drop you from my RSS feed . . . just kidding!! At least I can drool over the pictures and not gain any weight!


    1. *passes Debbi a napkin*

      You must remember to wear your bib when visiting :D.
      Thanks for all your enthusiastic drooling! I think C. would enjoy this book.


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