fall frolicking

Fall would not be complete without a visit to our favorite pumpkin patch. You come too.

Folklore says witches turned people into pumpkins. These shoppers better be careful.
Sugar pumpkins make good pies!

Is that a hand creeping onto the squash?
I love these little pumpkins! I'm not sure but I think they're called Baby Bear. How cute is that?
Wonder why squash/gourds are so bumpy.

Let’s check out the festival market.

Are these for me?
More, please.

I'll take three.
Boing Boing! Let's play!

Time to head out.


Look what we got:

Just right.
There. Now we're all set. Hope the squirrels don't eat it!

Thanks for tagging along. Hope you have a pumpkin adventure or two very soon!

Dum de dum . . .


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13 thoughts on “fall frolicking

  1. Aw, you’ve made me homesick for Cox’s Market! It’s a much bigger deal now than we lived there. Loved Cornelius and sidekick shoving that big pumpkin in place!


  2. MISS THIS so much, it’s practically painful. I prefer at least a couple of fresh pumpkins for breads and pies, but here they’re a.) ridiculously rare, b.) ridiculously expensive, so I make do with Libby’s – which I still have to order from far away, but it’s better than nothing. I really miss the whole vibe of walking through an autumn market with the pumpkins and the mums and the goofy scarecrows and all. Maybe next year…


    1. You’re right — it’s the vibe that’s most important. Never had anything like this when I was growing up, so now it’s a special treat. And I love pumpkin bread! 🙂


  3. Love it! We took a trip to ours this past weekend too. I look forward to it all year – and drinking fresh, unpasteurized apple cider!

    Gorgeous photos!


    1. It’s usually chilly whenever I try to take photos at the Pumpkin Farm, but this year it was warm and sunny, in the 70’s. It was fun seeing all those people turned into pumpkins :).


  4. Thank you for your post, I was sad that I was not able to make my pumpkin soup like I do each year! Instead I made squash bisqu…YUMMY!!! All you do is boil 1 med squash, 1 carrot, ( I used 9 baby carrots) 2 cups of chicken or veg broth and 2 cups of water. Once soft put into blender and blend. Serve with a swirl of milk or cream!! So good:) we had warm bellies before trick or treating this year!


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