zero calorie macarons and smarties, or, why i need to move to paris

It is well established that Paris has the best pastry.

*kisses fingertips*

Not too long ago, I rhapsodized about the mighty macaron, a wonder of airy-crisp almond flour, egg whites, sugar and buttercream. Très delicieux!

It is good reason, along with a fortifying pain au chocolat or sweet crêpe, to flee the States and embrace the Seine.

Macaron Petit Sac

Until that happens, I can always get my French fix by visiting Bonjour Mon Coussin, where luscious food images adorn pillows, purses, scarfs, pencil cases, aprons, mugs and jewelry.

Porte monnaie-Smarties
Foulard Carré Hot Choc

These oh-so-fetching, eye-popping products are created by Claire Eglizeaud and Paul Moreau, a designer and graphic artist from Bordeaux, who are inspired by vintage postcards and advertisements as well as objects found in their own modern world.

Of course their designs encompass more than food —  I LOVE this book bag:

Sac V. Books

and these earrings,

Boucles d'oreille Lapin

and this pillow,

but I always come back to things like this (cutest pencil case ever):

Tr. école Fraises

I love the whole retro-pop/vintage/Parisian vibe. Anyone have a few Euros to spare?

♥ Feast your eyes on more goodness at their website.


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12 thoughts on “zero calorie macarons and smarties, or, why i need to move to paris

    1. I want one of each too! Bonjour Mon Coussin has so many fabulous designs. My living room is hungry for some of those foodie pillows . . .


  1. As a girl in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, I loved Smarties — they’re British candies like the American M and M’s but without the slight taste of peanuts.

    I would use the red Smarties like lipstick — the dye wasn’t quite permanent on the candy.



    1. I remember trying Smarties when we lived in London. I never thought about the slight taste of peanuts, but I think you’re right. There *was* something “purer” about the taste of the chocolate. 🙂


  2. Hey Aunty,

    I just figured out that I can comment without having a account! Yay! Get ready to hear from me a lot more…

    Also, these items are REALLY cute. Thanks for the great post!



  3. Oh! Shouldn’t macarons only come in a ‘grande sac’ – especially if you have to share LOL!


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