literary gingerbread!

#38 in an ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet.

You’ve probably already seen this amazing creation around the web, but I would be remiss if I didn’t add it to my collection here — a gingerbread typewriter that’s 100% edible!


It was created by Patti Paige and friends at Baked Ideas in NYC to benefit City Harvest, and is on display at the Parker Meridien Hotel. She and her staff decided to fashion a gingerbread house where letters could live, something remniscent of simpler times: “Christmas unplugged, a letter to Santa, Granny’s laptop.”

First we made a model of the typewriter in cardboard, and then baked all the parts and crafted the roller, paper and metal keys out of sugar paste. The “glue” is royal icing, and cookies, stacked up, are the inner supports. The keyboard letters are cookies, iced in ivory and trimmed in silver. The iced gingerbread alphabet letters are frolicking in the sugar snow, sometimes spelling out words (fun, skip, eat, joy.)

Rear of typewriter reflected in mirror.

Don’t you love the idea of alphabet cookie letters frolicking about? Brilliant! At Baked Ideas, “imagination is the main ingredient.” Check out their website gallery for more examples of their whimsical cookies and cakes. You can also purchase cookies and cookie cutters from their online store.

Since it’s the holidays, here’s another example of their scrumptious work, a Gingerbread Nutcracker (a collaboration with Cake Power). Click here for more fun and Patti’s Gingerbread Cookie recipe. ☺

♥ More alphabetica here.

♥ Special thanks to Patti for permission to post these photos!

Certified authentic alphabetica. Handmade with love and admiration for crazy cool artisan bakers.


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12 thoughts on “literary gingerbread!

  1. I just have TOO much love for typewriters; our very small school had IBM Selectrics for the upper school students (office castoffs from someone even then), but those of us in the MG who wanted to learn to type had to make do with what was left – I had a manual typewriter! It was great! It was noisy! It looked a lot like that gingerbread machine! I want it back!

    Also: gingerbread. Is there anything we CANNOT do with it?


    1. I used to love IBM Selectrics! And I still have a manual typewriter I bought in England eons ago. It was made in Germany, I think. Must take it out sometime just for fun.


  2. I hadn’t seen the gingerbread typewriter–and I love it! I really have to try gingerbread houses with the boys. I have a recipe and everything. Maybe this weekend…


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