soup of the day: dumpling days by grace lin!

“There was no day that dumplings couldn’t make better.” ~ Pacy Lin

Pass the dipping sauce, I’m in dumpling heaven. ☺

I’m thrilled to be serving up Newbery Honor Author Grace Lin’s brand new middle grade novel, Dumpling Days (Little, Brown, 2012), as our very first Soup of the Day for the new year!

Before I tell you a little about it and tempt you with some of its dishes, please put on BOTH of these bibs. You’ll definitely need double protection for this fabulous feast of a book, which is absolutely brimming with gustatory goodness.


Oh, and don’t forget your passport:


In this third novel featuring beloved heroine Pacy Lin, she and her family spend an entire month in Taiwan visiting relatives and preparing for Grandma’s 60th birthday party. Instead of traveling to her parents’ faraway homeland, Pacy would much rather spend her summer going to a fun place like Hawai’i or California where she could see her best friend Melody. But her parents want Pacy and her sisters to “know their roots,” to experience the “island of treasure.”

Once there, Pacy is hit with a big dose of culture shock. Unlike her cozy suburb in upstate New York, Taipei is crowded, noisy, and confusing. Even simple things turn out to be much harder to do than she could have ever imagined.

She looks like everyone else, but can’t speak Chinese or Taiwanese. In an art class her mom signed her up for she even doubts her talent as she competes against another student. It’s going to be a very long 28 days in this strange country of push button toilets, musical garbage trucks, and funny traffic signals — where the best pleasures in life are supposedly yawning, picking your ears, scratching your back, and picking your nose!

Soup Dumplings (xiaolongbao)

It’s a good thing there are dumplings, lots and lots of delicious dumplings, to lift Pacy’s spirits and assuage her feelings of insecurity and inadequacy as she struggles to fit in. Her many adventures — getting blessed by a fortune teller, lost in a night market, visiting temples, riding trains, eating at restaurants, seeing the second tallest building in the world, meeting aunts, uncles and cousins — all provide ample opportunities for self discovery, engendering a newfound appreciation for how her parents might have felt when they emigrated to America.

Potstickers (jiaozi)

Dumpling Days is my favorite Pacy book. It’s longer than Year of the Dog and Year of the Rat, with a deeper, more nuanced exploration of the unique challenges of having a dual identity. It’s beautifully layered with stories of family history and bits of folklore, captures the fun and excitement of visiting a foreign country for the first time, and rivals classics like Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Farmer Boy with its bounty of vivid, sensually detailed descriptions of food.

Chicken feet!

Food is certainly one of Taiwan’s greatest treasures, and Pacy experiences many firsts: dim sum (she accidently eats chicken feet), Japanese food (she tries raw fish and burns her mouth with wasabi), hand-pulled noodles in beef broth (yum!), a McDonald’s rice burger (quite strange), stinky tofu (hold your nose!).

Raw fish (sashimi)
Japanese fried dumplings (gyoza)
Stinky tofu (chou doufu)

As it takes center stage in this story, food provides easy cultural access, a bridge between East and West, old and new. Pacy’s unabashed craving for and genuine enjoyment of the many types of dumplings are an ongoing source of humor and delight, and will have readers drooling throughout. Where else could you find both soup dumplings and dumpling soup in the same book (yes, they’re different things)? Talk about evoking powerful emotions and memories!

Check out the night market if you’re in the mood for quail eggs, pig’s blood cake or duck tongues!
Frog eggs (bubble tea)

No surprise, then — I give Dumpling Days my highest five spoon rating. It’s a book I wish I could have read growing up, as Pacy’s feelings of self doubt and invisibility certainly ring true. Bicultural or not, readers will be able to identify with the themes of self awareness, self discovery, and assimilation. The realistic sibling exchanges, reassuring warmth of family togetherness, and wealth of fascinating cultural detail enrich  this wholly satisfying, heartening feast.

Bibs still on?

Please join me now in congratulating Grace on another wonderful book. In the spirit of Pacy’s visit to the Temple at Lugang, feel free to yawn and scratch your back before dipping your spoons and slurping. Here’s to Grace! May every day be a Dumpling Day!

Today’s Special: Pacy Potage (seasoned with love, sprinkled with dumpling dreams)

What? You’re looking for dessert after all the food we’ve already had? Well okay.

Please help yourself to some mochi (a personal favorite):

Pacy calls mochi a “dessert dumpling”

and a lovely peach bun with its sweet red bean filling:

Peach buns symbolize longevity.

*nibbles, chews, sighs*

Now it’s time to click through to your fave online bookseller or race down to your local indie to score your very own copy of Dumpling Days. If you go to a bricks and mortar store, wear hot-pink, just like Pacy, Ki-Ki and Lissy wore on their trip. Refrain from picking your nose when talking to the cashier, and remember the secret password: Jiaozi. Performing a lion dance in the aisles may earn you a special discount. Better get an extra copy or two — this is the perfect gift for Lunar New Year (January 23rd)!

Thank you for writing this enchantingly delicious book, Grace!

by Grace Lin
published by Little, Brown, January 2012
Middle Grade Fiction for ages 8-12, 272 pp.
Cool themes: multiculturalism, Chinese culture, Taiwanese Americans, ethnic foods, art, travel, family life, dual identity, assimilation.
*Contains adorable line drawings.
On shelves now! 

Check out the trailer!

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**Photo Credits:

Gyoza by SmALl CloUd/flickr

Chicken Feet by Mudkiller/flickr

Sashimi via Electric Eel 

Bubble Tea, Stinky Tofu, Soup Dumplings, Night Market from Government Information, Republic of China (Taiwan) website.

WHAT?! Still hungry?

Okay, one more treat for the road. Strawberry Pocky (just like Pacy ate on the train).


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P.S. Alphabet Soup extends heartfelt congratulations to Grace and her husband Alex Ferron on the impending arrival of their first child (it’s a girl)! We’d love to see a new picture book called Dumpling Baby sometime in the not-too-distant future. Just sayin’ 🙂 . . .

*picks ears*


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  1. I am SO putting that book on my wishlist; I remember liking Year of the Rat a lot. And congrats to Grace Lin on the impending new addition!


    1. I’m sure you and the girls will enjoy it! Of course you’ll have to eat dumplings or dim sum or even Japanese food after (or while) reading it.


  2. I’ve never met a dumpling I didn’t like, so I applaud the notion that “There was no day that dumplings couldn’t make better.”


  3. I had a crappy standing-at-the-kitchen island dinner, and you’re showing all my favorite foods. Soup dumplings, bubble tea, mochi … really, must you torture me??


    1. Oh, sorry for the “torture,” Michelle. Believe me, it was difficult reading and writing about this book, because it did include all my very favorite foods — I’ve always been a dumpling freak, but to have mochi and all that dim sum, especially egg tarts, too, I fairly swooned. And all this about soup dumplings (which I’ve never tried), dribbling down your chin. I must go to Joe’s Shanghai in NYC very soon to try some.


  4. Congratulations, Jama! I have the opportunity to bestow you with an award, offered sincerely…The Versatile Blogger Award! Come to my juicy little universe to see what it’s about.


    1. Thanks, Heidi! Tickled pink that you included Alphabet Soup for this honor. I shall try my best to refine my versatility this year — let’s see, in addition to cupcakes, pie, and soup, maybe I should try eating more vegetables? Nah . . . 🙂


  5. oh my Jama, first I love your books AND Grace’s! secondly, I subscribed pronto to your blog…what an amazing review/post/blog entry on Dumpling Days… wonderful….
    wishing you a very Happy new Year, can’t wait to follow your blog entries…


    1. Hi Sharon!

      Thanks for your lovely comment and for subscribing! Happy you’ve decided to join us at the table. Happy New Year to you, too! Hope you’ll be blessed with many dumplings in 2012 :).


    1. Thanks, Marjorie — you’re in for a delicious read! Needless to say, prepare for intense cravings while reading Dumpling Days and long after . . .


  6. I love all of Grace Lin’s juvenile fiction. Even though I had more criticisms of Dumpling Days than her other books, it’s actually the one which I most recommended to family and friends. You’re right about it being a deeper and more complex book than her two “Year of….” books.

    The photos are a wonderful addition to your review. Now I know what some of the foods are that Grace Lin mentions in Dumpling Days. My husband and I have tried several of them. I’m still not sure that I’ve seen mochi or peach buns. We’ll have to keep a watch for them.

    Thanks for subscribing to my book review blog. I’m finally having a chance to visit your site. You offer so many fun items! The recipes section is my current favorite. You have a new follower!

    Your books are at my local library. They’re on my list to check out.


    1. Hi Allison!

      Thanks so much for your nice comment. Always fun to meet another Grace Lin fan. Mochi is a big favorite of mine — I do hope you get to try some soon.

      I’m still trying to find my way around WP and root out other bloggers with similar interests. So glad I came across your site 🙂 Thanks for taking an interest in my books. Hope you enjoy them, and thanks for following Alphabet Soup!


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