sunday bear: jeannine atkins

“Rose” by Brenda Dewey (German mohair, antique lace collar, 1986)


Love’s language is imprecise,
fits more like mittens than gloves.

~ Jeannine Atkins (Borrowed Names: Poems About Laura Ingalls Wilder, Madame C.J. Walker, Marie Curie and Their Daughters)

♥ Your weekly bear hug is brought to you, as always, by the dashing Mr. Cornelius, who has a not-so-secret crush on Ms. Atkins. Have a good week!




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8 thoughts on “sunday bear: jeannine atkins

  1. Don’t we ALL have a secret crush on Jeannine Atkins? (At least I have one on her writing!)


  2. Absolutely, Kelly! Recently I reread parts of Borrowed Names and also some of J’s old LJ posts, and was just awestruck (yet again) at the sheer beauty of her words. That indefinable place where her inner poet resides = still, pure, deep, aware, forgiving, open, observant, hopeful.


  3. I’m deeply, madly, utterly in love with Jeannine’s writing, and I cherish her friendship, too. Sigh…wouldn’t it be fun to have a tea party, all of us Jeannine fans, so that we could give her giant bear hugs in person?!?


    1. Oh yes, Melodye, it would be fun. We’d have to have lots of cookies to go with the tea. After we gave her our giant bear hugs, maybe we could ask her to read some of her poems to us :). I think we should start a Jeannine Fan Club!


  4. Oh, Jama, Cornelius, Kelly, Melodye, thank you so much for the hugs and making me smile on a hard day. I can hardly think of better company. Thoughtful, caring, there, and with the knack for finding just the right words at just the right times. I am so lucky to know you. xo


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