perfect valentine’s day gift: heart fairies by alkelda dolls

Oh, Oh! Love these!

These beautiful handmade heart fairies are made of wool felt and are a little over 2 inches tall. Their wings are double thickness and the sweet embroidered capes are lovingly detailed.

LOOK! There’s also a heart baby!

These wonderful dolls are created by Farida Dowler of Seattle, Washington, and are perfect tokens of love and friendship. Use them for storytelling, imaginative play, or keep one on your desk for quiet inspiration. Available for immediate shipping at Alkelda Dolls Etsy Shop.

You know you want one ☺.


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16 thoughts on “perfect valentine’s day gift: heart fairies by alkelda dolls

    1. I couldn’t resist!!! (And why would I…??) The Blue Valentine Heart doll is on her way to my house. LOL, think I could convince my husband I bought her as a VD gift for him? Some kind of metaphor, maybe?

      P.S. Saints and Spinnners, I love your user name. 🙂


      1. Yay! I’m so happy you ordered one. It’s hard to decide on which color, since they’re all so pretty. Your Blue Valentine doll will enjoy your loving home. Hope she inspires lots of good writing. 🙂


    1. Farida’s dolls are so well made. Keep checking back at her shop since she brings out different designs quite frequently :). You can feel the love she puts into every one of them.


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