lovely letter necklaces ♥

#40 in an ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet.

Love these necklaces created by collage illustrator Laura Tarrish of Bridgetown Papers in Portland, Oregon. The little bottle is filled with tiny custom letters cut from silver card stock.


Buyers can specify which words they’d like inside — names of loved ones, special places, even secret messages!


You can also include a gold icon (cut from metallic card stock) with your letters.


Too Cool!

Click here to order.

♥ More alphabetica here.

Certified authentic alphabetica. Handmade for you with love and snips.


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15 thoughts on “lovely letter necklaces ♥

  1. Curse you, Jama! *Shakes fist* Now i have to have one of these! LOL My valentine’s fairy doll arrived yesterday (pink of course)! *Pulling out credit card*


    1. Pink heart fairy! Cute :).

      Well, of course you have to get one of these necklaces now. You could spell out your favorite dessert!


  2. So lovely and creative! There is a jewelry artist here in Denver that sells ‘words’ to hang on a chain. You can choose from her ideas or order what you want. I love my necklace, and my daughter gave it to me which makes it really special, so maybe I can order one of these for her! thanks, Jama!


  3. This is such a nifty idea. I love little glass bottles like that.

    But… I wonder if each one should contain a clue to the true message, given the typically large number of words and/or phrases which can be constructed from a group of letters. For example, here are a few (of the 712 options offered at an anagram-creating site I found) from the letters in “Jama Rattigan”:

    A Raja Matting
    Again Jam Tart
    Agar Taint Jam
    Mania Jag Tart
    Airman Jag Tat
    Tatami Nag Jar
    Attain Gar Jam
    Tiara Gnat Jam
    Ajar Giant Mat
    Rattan Jag Aim
    A Raja Mag Tint
    A Mantra At Jig
    A Manta Rat Jig
    A Grain Jam Tat
    A Giant Jam Rat
    Ajar Gnat Am It
    Mantra Jag At I
    Gain Jam Art At
    Giant Jar Am At
    A Gnat Jam Art I
    Am An Art At Jig

    Without said clue, the letters could be reassembled in ways which might not be… well, let’s say “well received”. — PL


    1. Leave it to you to come up with a twist! There are definitely some questionable variations here, though I must admit “A Giant Jam Rat” pretty much describes me to a “T”. Jam is an operative word in my life. There’s the whole thing with Paddington and his marmalade and Bread and Jam for Frances, one of my favorite books. I was (ill)fated to have a sweet tooth no matter what. But having all these options makes the intended message or clue that much more fascinating. Interpret as you will. I don’t even mind being called a tart. 😀


    1. Hi Leslie,

      I’m not sure if Laura is still making these letter necklaces. According to the site, the curated marketplace featuring this product closed at the end of last year. You could try emailing Laura directly via her website to ask if she’s taking orders:


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