thankful thursday: in loving memory of l.k. madigan

On March 20, 2008, one of the things L.K. Madigan was thankful for was, “The scent of hyacinths.”

In May 2008, she said, “I am thankful for dreams beginning to take root. They’re not just seeds, waiting, anymore. Their shells have split. Roots are curling out. They will flower in the fullness of time.”

In her final LiveJournal blog post on January 12, 2011, she said: “We arrive in this life not knowing the length or shape of our future … but sometimes we find out.”

We lost Lisa Wolfson to pancreatic cancer exactly one year ago today. I’m thankful our paths crossed, however briefly, grateful to have been touched by her beautiful spirit.

We miss you, Lisa!


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14 thoughts on “thankful thursday: in loving memory of l.k. madigan

  1. Oh, thank you for doing this. I never got over my shy enough to actually say anything to her, but she was so very kind – and a great writer, too.


    1. I just feel so lucky to have met her that one time, and truly she was indeed very kind, gracious and generous — one of those people who makes eye contact and really listens to what you have to say. And yes, what a supremely talented writer!


    1. Thanks, Linda. I was privileged to have met her online several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed her novels. A brilliant career cut short! Seems so unfair.


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