2012 Poetry Potluck Archive


1. April Pulley Sayre:  “Vegetable Poetry,” “U.S. 31 Thoughts,” Waldorf Salad

2. Mary Quattlebaum:  “Recipe for a Party,” Pirate Pie

3. Helen Frost:  “Awake,” Grandma Viney’s Oatmeal Bread

4. Linda Ashman:  “Catastrophic Coco,” Orzo with Spinach, Feta and Olives

5. Gail Gerwin:  “With or Without Rice, A Kitchen Ballet,” Cele Stern Fishman’s Stuffed Cabbage

6. Martha Calderaro:  “Special Delivery,” Blueberry Muffins

7. Kathi Appelt:  “Pecan Pie,” Southern Pecan Pie

8. Robyn Hood Black:  “Spooky Brew in Black and White,” Oatmeal Jam(a) Bars

9. Charles Waters:  “Santa Fe Chili,” Santa Fe Black Bean Chili

10. Adele Kenny:  “Chosen Ghosts,” Staffordshire Irish Stew

11. Linda Baie:  “Grandmother’s Biscuits,” Country-Fresh Biscuits

12. Lesa Medley:  “The Winds of Change,” Asparagus Pasta

13. Leslie Muir:  “Witch’s Jambalaya,” Witch’s Jambalaya

14. Margarita Engle:  “Treasure,” Batido (Mango Smoothie)

15. Sondra Gash:  “Rugelah, 5 a.m.,” Apricot Rugelah

16. Doraine Bennett:  “The Lump in My Throat,” Easy Quiche

17. Janet Wong:  “Grandmother’s Almond Cookies”

18. Jill Corcoran:  “Dare to Dream,” Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

19. Lill Pluta:  “Lillian’s Pocket,” Pita Pocket Sandwiches

20. Heidi Bee Roemer:  “The Skater,” Vegetarian Lentil Soup

21. Lee Wardlaw:  “A Catku,” Kitty Litter Cake


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9 thoughts on “2012 Poetry Potluck Archive

  1. How do you do those photos, Jama? They’re great! I appreciate all the work you’ve put into this past month, including this latest cookbook file of poetry and recipes. Thanks much, Jama!


    1. Which photo(s) do you mean, Linda? If you mean the soup, I made a bowl of tomato soup with alphabet pasta (dyed some of the letters with green food coloring). Cut the hearts out of cheese. Then just snapped a photo :).


      1. Glad you like the soup! I think Campbell’s should give me some kind of premium since I’ve been using tons of their tomato soup ever since 2007 :).


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