Open Fields School Great Goose Egg Auction

It’s time once again for the Open Fields School Great Goose Egg Auction!

This biennial fundraiser is being held on Friday, May 11, 2012, at the AVA Gallery in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Open Fields is a small private non-graded school open to children ages 4-12 in Thetford Hill, Vermont.

Many of the eggs up for bidding have been decorated by eminent children’s book illustrators. Take a gander at some of my favorites (click on any image to access its bidding page):

“Homer, an Egg-traordinary Dog” by Diane deGroat
“Boss Baby Egg” by Marla Frazee
“Year of the Water Dragon” by Grace Lin
“Hansel & Gretel” by Andrea Wisnewski
“Hill Farm” by Meg McLean
“Glamorous Egglasses” by Barbara Johansen Newman
“Egg on Your Face/Face on Your Egg” by Cyndy Szekeres

Aren’t they all just too cool?

If you don’t live in the Lebanon area, you can bid online as an absentee bidder or by phone. Click here for all the details and to browse all the other eggciting goosey creations (46 in all)! Ashley Bryan! Thacher Hurd! Ed Young!!

Auction begins at 7 p.m., Doors open for viewing at 5:30 p.m.

Deadline for online bids: Noon (EDT), Thursday, May 10, 2012.


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7 thoughts on “Open Fields School Great Goose Egg Auction

    1. Well, I’m not an artist, but I know it’s hard enough drawing/painting on a flat surface — but an egg? That’s got to be tricky, not to mention the breakage factor :).


  1. Oh, Jama, aren’t they wonderful? I just bid on two of them – a pauper’s bids, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Open Fields School will do well with this, I’m sure – what a clever fundraising idea! Thanks for the heads-up about it.
    P.S.Now that you’re done with Clooney for eye-candy, can I have him?


    1. Done? Sorry, one can never be “done” with George. He’ll be making a return appearance by popular demand :).

      It’s definitely a wonderful fundraising idea — it’s just hard to decide which eggs to bid on when I like so many! Fingers crossed that you’ll win something.


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