cobi’s wakame cucumber salad

My niece Cobi will be visiting Alphabet Soup later this month to talk about her wonderful website, Veggietorials: Recipes-Reviews-How-to’s for all things plant-based.

Perhaps, like me, you’re interested in incorporating more veggies in your diet, or even transitioning to an all plant-based diet for health reasons. Cobi will offer tips and share a favorite recipe to help us celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

Meanwhile, thought I’d whet your appetite with one of Cobi’s videos featuring her recipe for Wakame Cucumber Salad. It looks so beautiful and refreshing, and I can’t wait to try making it myself. Luckily, we have several good Asian food markets nearby where I can get the dried wakame (seaweed). Enjoy!

Click here to print the recipe at Veggietorials.


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24 thoughts on “cobi’s wakame cucumber salad

  1. I don’t know why, but the video just clicks off when I press play Jama. But the photos are gorgeous at your niece’s website as others have said. I’m looking forward to your sharing of more!


    1. Sorry to hear that; can’t imagine what’s wrong. I haven’t had any problems playing the video so far. Maybe try again later?


  2. Great video and wonderful salad. Seaweed is available even in my landlocked state in the better supermarkets. Can’t wait for cuke season … this would be great for a summer dinner on the deck.


  3. I subscribed! Great video! My kids snack on the plain seaweed wrap that I get to make California rolls, so I think they would eat this. The dressing sounds and looks good…


    1. Have you seen the seasoned seaweed snacks in Asian food markets (they’re imported from Korea)? Sure your kids will like those too.


  4. That looks delicious, and makes me wish I was home in Seattle where I know how to get to the Asian market! I suppose I’ll just have to find one here in DC…


      1. My parents actually live in Federal Way now, and there’s an H-Mart market about a mile away!


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