we have a winner (i think)!

So, I was very excited to see who would win a copy of Jo Knowles’s  fabulous new book, See You at Harry’s (Candlewick, 2012).

But a strange thing happened when I entered the kitchen.

“Greetings! Mr. Generator at your service, Miss.”

As you may know, recently I’ve called upon the very reliable, ever steady Mr. Random Integer Generator to pick giveaway winners to avoid any jealousy riots strikes ugly kerfuffles involving the furry kitchen helpers. They all love giveaways and they all want to pick the winners.

Calling upon Mr. Generator therefore makes perfect sense. He is perfectly objective and does not wear fur, nor does he ever hold a grudge. Usually it is easy to spot him in his meticulously groomed mustache and stylish bowler hat.

But I don’t recall Mr. Generator ever sporting moose antlers (I did like that he called me, “Miss,” ever so polite). Before I could question him further, I was confronted with this:

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Generator reporting for duty!”

And then this:

“Don’t listen to those imposters. I’m the real Mr. Generator!”
“No, I am!”

Mr. Generators crawling out of the woodwork!

Wait! (I came to my senses.)

If any of you really are Mr. Generator, where are your bowler hats??!!

“We took them off. It’s impolite to wear hats indoors.”

Hmmmmm. Good point.

Then one of them tried to bribe me with this:

“Strawberry sundae?”

He looked strangely familiar. Excellent mustache.

I decided to ponder further while eating the bribe.

I knew that if I singled out any one of these rascals I’d have a riot on my hands for sure. Oh, Mr. Generator, the real Mr. Generator, please give me a sign!

Knock knock!

Why, hello. Yes, a nice mustache AND a bowler hat. Thank goodness you’re here at last, Mr. Generator!

I gave our wayward guest the names of all the entrants and their ice cream flavors. The information was processed with an extra helping of panache. After precisely 4 minutes and 28 seconds, one lucky commenter was selected.

*Drum roll, please!*

I’m happy to announce that the winner of a brand new copy of See You at Harry’s is —


Please send your snail mail address to: readermail (at) jamakimrattigan (dot) com, so we can get your prize out to you.

A BIG THANKS to everyone for entering the giveaway. Great choice of ice cream flavors — I imagine all of them are available at Harry’s. ☺

“Hey, wait a minute! That’s not Mr. Generator. That looks like my Aunt Lucy!”

Oh no, here we go . . .


*Drum Roll copyright © 2009 Lisa Slavid, via Peadoodles.

Copyright © 2012 Jama Rattigan of Jama’s Alphabet Soup. All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “we have a winner (i think)!

  1. Well, I’m always sorry I haven’t won, but a friend just loaned me the book & I read it over the weekend, so happy that someone else was chosen. However, you seem to have a revolt on your hands, Jama. There are many suspicious characters running around at your place! Hope it’ll be cleared up soon! (a good laugh!)


  2. Yes, I do have to be careful. It’s getting more difficult to do giveaways around here :). Glad you read the book!!


  3. LOL – I was sure a Groucho Marx nose/glasses/mustache combo would appear next! Congrats Kell!


  4. Hi Jama, I’m just catching up on posts as my entire being was consumed by the AFCC (Asian Festival of Children’s Content) here in Singapore for the past week or so. Congratulations to the winner! I have fallen in love with your bears. 🙂 The beard gets me on occasion (methinks).


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