A sampler from the FEAST exhibit by Julie Paschkis and Joe Max Emminger

“Good Morning” (Julie Paschkis, 8.5″ x 10″)

Happy Monday!

Let’s start the week off in the best possible way by looking at several of the gorgeous paintings from FEAST, an art exhibit at the Grover Thurston Gallery in Seattle featuring the work of award-winning children’s author/illustrator Julie Paschkis and her husband Joe Max Emminger.

The September show includes separate paintings by Julie and Joe Max, as well as a number of collaborative pieces, most of which are related to the theme of food and feasting.

“Ever Together” (cut paper by Julie Paschkis, 12″ x 20″)

I’ve been a big fan of Julie’s work for years — she’s illustrated several of Janet Wong’s and Julie Larios’s poetry collections, as well as a number of folktales and picture book biographies. She’s known for her love of folk art and pattern (she also designs fabrics), and she likes to make bread and SOUP! 🙂

It’s such a treat to see Joe Max’s work; though I knew Julie was married to another artist, I hadn’t seen any of his paintings before. You lucky Seattle area peeps can sashay on over to see this wonderful exhibit in person. The rest of us can focus our appreciative gazes at the FEAST blog and the Grover Thurston Gallery website (whom you should contact directly if you’re interested in purchasing).

Julie’s gouache paintings are of various sizes. Joe Max’s paintings were rendered in acrylic and are 30″ by 44″. Collaborative pieces are all ink and gouache.

Enjoy this mini feast from FEAST!

“Summer Feast” (Joe Max Emminger)
“Hopeful Spring” (Joe Max Emminger)
“The Things We Leave Behind” (Joe Max Emminger)
“The Unseen Guest” (Julie Paschkis, 23″ x 16″)
“Canning” (Julie Paschkis, 15″ x 22″)
“Flow Blue” (Julie Paschkis, 8.5″ x 10″)
“Crunch” (Julie Paschkis, 16″ x 22″)
“Cat and Cake” (Joe Max Emminger and Julie Paschkis)
“Jug and Cherry” (Joe Max Emminger and Julie Paschkis)
from the Breadwall!

Amazing, right? I’d like to steal that piece of cake in “Crunch” right off the table. Love love love their work! I should also mention that if you attend the Closing Potluck Celebration on Saturday, September 29 (1-3 p.m.), you get to take home one of the bread pieces! (Click here if you’d like to make your own bread sculptures.)

Isn’t this Breadwall the coolest thing!?

* * *


Julie will be visiting Alphabet Soup soon to talk about her tasty new picture book, APPLE CAKE (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012)!! Stay tuned ☺.

Have a fabulous week!

♥ Visit the FEAST blog.

♥ More about the exhibit at the Grover Thurston Gallery. Show runs through September 29, 2012.

♥ Julie’s official website is here. She blogs at Books Around the Table.


*FEAST images reproduced with permission, copyright © 2012 Joe Max Emminger and Julie Paschkis. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2012 Jama Rattigan of Jama’s Alphabet Soup. All rights reserved.

19 thoughts on “A sampler from the FEAST exhibit by Julie Paschkis and Joe Max Emminger

    1. I squealed when I first saw these too — LOVE the theme they chose for this show :). You can see their artistic simpatico when looking at their work side by side. Love the color saturation and whimsy. All those cats and the spectacles!


  1. Wow-wish I was in Seattle so I could go! All of these are so pleasing to see, Jama. I love the one titled ‘Canning’ & the one with the cherry, but really, all of them are so creative. I remember you showing off the bread wall another time, I think. When artists create in different ways, I love seeing. Thanks.


    1. I’m convinced there must be something in the water there — so many creative people live in the Seattle area. Visited only once, but would love to go back again sometime. I like “Canning” a lot too. I hope Julie publishes a cookbook someday!


  2. Thank you so much for featuring Feast on your blog, Jama.
    I hope that you will come to Seattle again and we can have real soup and bread.


    1. That would be wonderful! Seattle is a beautiful city and I’d love to visit again. Thanks again for letting me share some of the FEAST goodness here :).


  3. Gorgeous!! I, too, am a huge fan of Julie’s work. Thanks so much for this feast for the eyes — I just wish I could fly off to Seattle to see it in person. I’m thinking that “Flow Blue” would look quite magical here in my office . . .


  4. So many cookbooks (or books about food) could benefit from a lovely illustration instead of photos-of-how-the-dish-should-look-like 🙂 I particularly like the paper cut-outs made by Julie Paschkis!


    1. I marvel at artists who can do papercuts. Such intricate and delicate work!

      I do enjoy illustrated cookbooks. Have you seen Robbin Gourley’s SUGAR PIE & JELLY ROLL and CAKEWALK? Lovely watercolors throughout. Also hope to review TEA AND CAKE by UK artist Emma Block. 🙂


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