we have two winners!

I’m happy to report that we have TWO WINNERS for the Madelyn Rosenberg Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, we celebrated with doubly good cheer the releases of Madelyn’s debut picture books, Happy Birthday, Tree! (Albert Whitman, 2012) and The Schmutzy Family (Holiday House, 2012).

When we informed Monsieur Random Integer Generator that we would require his services once again, he twirled his mustache, kicked up his heels and stocked up on chocolate sauce. I’m sure you recall that the Schmutzy Family made more than a few mud pies and were not the least bit hesitant about getting dirty. Well, to Monsieur Generator, mud = chocolate. I dare say he went a tad overboard; before picking any numbers, he wanted chocolate sauce in and on everything.

via Brown-Eyed Baker

He drizzled it on chocolate pancakes for breakfast:

He devoured a molten chocolate cake for lunch:

via Healthy Indulges (click for recipe)

He polished off an entire Chocolate Mud Pie for dinner:

(click for Chocolate Mud Pie recipe via Serious Eats)

He was absolutely mesmerized by the way rich, dark, liquidy chocolate could make everything taste a million times better. He telegraphed his dear friend Giorgio Armani, who agreed to design a 2-button chocolate brown wool suit (with a special chest pocket for carrying Valrhona Vintage Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bars, 64% cacao) just for the occasion.

Once he was properly suited and sauced chocolated up, Monsieur Generator recited a prayer of gratitude for trees, then picked two lucky winners.

* * * DRUM ROLL PLEASE * * *

Oh, here we go.


Much better.

And now, the winner of a brand new, signed copy of Happy Birthday, Tree! is:

The winner of a brand new, signed copy of The Schmutzy Family is:

 * * *


Please send your snail mail addresses to: readermail (at) jamakimrattigan (dot) com to receive your books.

And thanks, everyone, for entering! Before you go out to play in the mud, have some cookies and milk:

(click for Double Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe via Love from the Oven)


Love and Chocolate to you!


**Chocolate Heart via terawarner.com

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  1. I’m thinking and hoping I’m the only Margie that entered this contest. Hurray to Erik for his win. Thanks to Monsieur Random Integer Generator for all the divine chocolate indulgences and the win. What fun, Jama.


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