autumn amblings, or, cornelius falls for fall

~ by Mr. Cornelius, especially for Julia

“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” ~ William Cullen Bryant

Oh hello!

Do you know what the best part of Fall is?

It could be crunching leaves under your boots,

finding tree faces,

or going to the pumpkin farm!

I like all the funny bumpy squashes and gourds,

You really should see someone about that.

diving into the candy bin,

playing with the tractors and miniature horses,


doing daredevil stunts,

lending an ear,


liking dem apples,


baby, you can drive my car!


BUT. There’s something else that tops all.

Now you’re talkin’.

Mmmmm! This one’s still warm. Can you smell those cinnamon-y apples?

Apple Pie is a really really good part of Fall.

But even better is adopting a pumpkin friend and making him feel at home.

Don’t worry, we won’t carve him.

Come visit us soon, Julia —

before giant pumpkins take over the world!

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.” ~ Emily Bronte

* * * * *

P.S. Posting may be sporadic this week because of Hurricane Sandy. Wishing the best to all my East Coast friends. Stay safe and good luck!


Copyright © 2012 Cornelius Rattigan of Jama’s Alphabet Soup. All pumpkins preserved.

28 thoughts on “autumn amblings, or, cornelius falls for fall

  1. Mr. Cornelius is simply the CUTEST BEAR ever. Now I’m craving for apple pie ala mode. There simply has to be vanilla ice cream on top and yes one of those Reese’s Shell Topping that makes it a chocolatey hard candy shell to cover the icecream love and the hot apple pie goodness – yum!


    1. Wow — that’s a super duper ala mode! I’ve heard of apple pie with melted cheese and ice cream but not the chocolate candy shell. Mmmmm!


  2. I most certainly enjoyed the fall tour with Cornelius. He has the best times all around. Thank you so much for this visual treat. Please take care, Jama. I will be thinking of you and all my friends on the East Coast.


  3. I need my grandson here to help me eat the apple pie (his favorite). It looks as if Cornelius had a lovely day, exploring everywhere. I love that first photo, Jama. More fall for me is not too much! Best to you in the storm-thinking of everyone back there!


      1. Okay, well. Keep in touch, if you can! Or I’ll keep checking in. Ack! I don’t want you all to blow away to Oz. What a ginormous storm!


  4. Hmmm. Have you ever thought of featuring Cornelius and his adventures in a picture book? He’s very charming, and the photos are adorable.

    I have a sister in Reston, and two more siblings in NJ. I’ve been glued to storm updates, and am thinking about all of you. Stay safe, my friend!


    1. Didn’t realize you had a sister in Reston! That’s really quite close to us.

      I’ve written some easy reader bear stories, but so far no PBs. Cornelius would probably love to be featured in his own book. There’d be no living with him after that, though :).

      Thanks for the well wishes. We’re all edgy and nervous — we can only do so much to prepare. Hope all your family members stay safe too!


  5. OMG, every one of these photos is wonderful, Jama! From the first with Paddington [I remember him from my son’s (he’s 40 now) childhood], right down to the last with the bear (Cornelius?) dwarfed by the pumpkins which reminds me of a photo I have of my grandson. Thank you for continuing to share your talent and joy with us.


    1. Thanks for stopping by to amble today, Kathleen. The Paddingtons enjoyed their walk, and of course Cornelius is always curious about exploring every nook and cranny. We’re not allowed to carve our pumpkins according to his decree.


  6. Hi Jama,
    I haven’t checked your blog for a while, but I loved your pictures. Who was the photographer, you or Lenny? They’re great shots.


  7. Everytime I read this post I feel honored that Cornelius dedicated a whole post to me. I wish that I was still in Virginia to enjoy the autumn leaves and the pumpkin farm with you and Uncle Lenny. Thanks for brightening up my day 🙂


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