friday feast: cracking open a few more nuts

You know what they say. It takes one to know one. And I know you’re nuts nuts nuts!

Nuts about peanut butter, that is. You look hungry. Please help yourself to one of these beautiful Buckeyes, courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.

(click for SK Buckeyes recipe)

That’s it, wrap your lips around that perfect little ball of cream cheese, butter, smoother than smooth peanut butter, graham cracker crumbs and deep, dark chocolate. *swoons*

Now, where was I?

Feel free to slather yourself all over with reckless abandon.

Oh, yes, back to the party! We’ve got four more Peanut Butter Poets on today’s menu: Douglas Florian, Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, Irene Latham and Charles Waters.  Nothing finer than having grown men go gaga for goobers with such purty poems of praise! And leave it to the ladies to serve up a giggle and a growl! Never know what you’ll get when you crack these nuts wide open.

Spread it again, Sam!

* * * * *


For the record, I USED TO BE a strictly Skippy brand creamy guy but NOW I love MaraNatha Organic Peanut Butter Creamy with Hint of Sea Salt!”

“Double Mona Lisa, PBJ (after Warhol),” by Vik Muniz, 1999


Peanut butter!
Peanut butter!
Utterly delicious!
Peanut butter!
Peanut butter!
Naturally nutritious!
I prefer it made organic —
When it’s done I’m in a panic!
Spread it thin or spread it thick!
On a cracker or a stick!
Great with jam and great with jelly!
Warms the insides of your belly!
Some like crunchy some choose creamy
Always munchy, always dreamy!
Right with white bread or with rye!
I’m a peanut butter guy!

Copyright © 2012 Douglas Florian. All rights reserved.

Douglas Florian’s Official Website
Florian Cafe


PBJ Pie Bars via Brown-eyed Baker

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“I like creamy. And melty with chocolate chips (on toast or a toasted bagel) or with chocolate bars dipped into it, or with Nutella . . . Hmmmm . . . is there a theme here? I do love peanut butter. I ate a pb & j sandwich every day of high school!  I wish I was an all-natural girl, but I usually buy whatever’s on sale, usually the store brand.”

© Amy LV



Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s Official Website
The Poem Farm Blog


PBJ Cupcakes via The Girl Who Ate Everything

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“This poem is one I wrote as part of a series of poems inspired by photos from our National Parks . . . I love Jif Extra Crunchy!”



You taunt with your white
bread and peanut butter —

I grumble and blow.

You tease with your plastic-
wrapped bowls of fruit —

I swat and slap.

You approach with your rude clicking
and your clumsy, crying young —

I charge.

Copyright © 2012 Irene Latham. All rights reserved.

Irene Latham’s Official Website
Blog: Live Your Poem . . .


Peanut Butter Bear Pops

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“My favorite peanut butter is the creamy version of Smart Balance. I go through 2 jars a week. I have it with my smoothies, I’ll have spoonfuls out of the jar. I’ll spread it on a fig newton with some jelly for a treat. Peanut butter may be the 3rd greatest invention since fire and the wheel. But I may be biased.” 🙂

Peanut Butter Pie


Peanut butter on jelly,
Peanut butter on toast,
There’s no doubt I love
Peanut butter the most.

Peanut butter pancakes,
Peanut butter fudge,
My love for peanut butter
Refuses to budge.

Peanut butter cookies,
Peanut butter bars,
How about a spoonful
Right out of the jar?

Peanut butter cupcakes,
Peanut butter pie,
If you’ve never had them
Please, give them a try.

Creamy or chunky
Doesn’t matter which type,
Peanut butter can sure
Live up to its hype.

Smear them on crackers,
Spread it on thick,
Who needs peanut butter?
I need it quick!

From city to city
From coast to coast
I love peanut butter,
I love it the most!

Copyright © 2012 Charles Waters. All rights reserved.


Charles Waters Official Website


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And bravo! It’s becoming more evident that peanut butter helps poets write better poems :).

Such a fine feast! Can’t stop drooling over Charles’s list of goodies and giggling over Amy’s sandwich. For the record, Mr. Cornelius likes Irene’s poem the best even though he’s a little afraid of the bear in the picture. And you gotta love Douglas’s all out enthusiasm!!!! and his exquisitely refined palate: Goodbye Skippy, Hello MaraNatha!

Thanks so much, guys!

If you’re feeling poetic about peanut butter, send your nuttiness to: readermail (at) jamakimrattigan (dot) com, and I’ll gladly add your contribution to this month’s menu. 🙂

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Anastasia Suen is hosting this week’s Roundup at Booktalking. I’m guessing she’s a creamy kind of gal. Why not take her a cupcake and a piece of pie? Check out the full menu of poetry goodness and don’t forget to



Nuts nuts nuts to you!

♥ More fun at the Peanut Butter Lovers Month website!


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54 thoughts on “friday feast: cracking open a few more nuts

  1. Hi, Jama–
    I was just realizing that I hadn’t responded to your invitation to send in a pbpoem, and thinking I was too late and and anyway whether I have a single wave of bandwidth (in what units do we measure bandwidth, I now wonder?) to write one, but now I’m all inspired!

    This is all so much fun and I’m kicking myself for not stopping by in so long–there is always so much to drool over!

    I was interested to hear this piece on NPR a while back on the magic powers of peanut butter…maybe my poem starts here:

    And just FYI, my family’s Thanksgiving dinner begins with a serving of Peanut Soup from the Williamsburg Cookbook. Main ingredient: creamy peanut butter. But don’t eat too much or there will be no room for the rest!


    1. Hi Heidi,

      Thanks for the link! I have the Williamsburg Cookbook but have never made the Peanut Soup, though I’ve eaten it at one of the taverns in Williamsburg. It was the first time I’d ever had peanut butter in soup! Surprisingly delicious :).

      Please do send along a poem if you can — still two more Fridays in November to join the fun.


  2. Jama, you are a delight! All these poems make me happy (and hungry!) this morning as I get ready to travel to Vegas for NCTE… packing myself a pb&j for the flight! Thanks so much for inviting all of us to be part of the fun. Peanut buttery hugs and kisses to you!


  3. Great poems! Have any of you nutty poets ( 😉 ) heard the song “Toast”? It’s an ode to toast. Add 7/8 of a cup of peanut butter poems and mix thoroughly! Tada! You have a peanut butter on toast poem/song!


  4. Irene has such a fresh take on peanut butter! Amy, too! Both of them made me a little bit creeped out as well…


  5. Thanks for these terrific poems, Amy – my 2-yr-old and I just finished our breakfast, which included Peter Pan (of course!) on Pumpkin Spice english muffins! This was a welcome addition.


  6. I didn’t know there were so many kindred spirits in this peanut butter love, Jama. The poems are spectacular & I promise I am working on mine! Thanks for the recipes too-pbj cupcakes-amazing!


    1. The capital “D” threw me again — sorry, Amy. I corrected your last name in the post. 🙂

      Thanks for the nice link. Never would have thought of combining pb and pretzels to make a cookie! But then, if a sandwich can have jellyfish, anything’s possible . . .


  7. Glad to see this peanut butter celebration is only gathering steam!
    What a lovely (well, Irene’s is scary) lot today. With Charles, I do like Smart Balance, though Peter Pan holds a nostalgic place in my heart and rubs elbows with the Smart Balance in the pantry. Douglas’s poem is so! full! of energy!
    Amy’s “One part sticks to the roof of your mouth.
    One part swims and stings.” is wickedly brilliant.


  8. I am Pavlov’s dog when I come over here. “Click here for recipe,” you say, and I click. Every time.

    And then I come back to see what marvels of peanut butter goodness the day’s poets have cooked up, and I am not disappointed! Delightful! Delicious! Delovely! And four wonderfully distinct takes on the subject. Thank you all for the giggles and the growls!


  9. Ohhhh, Jama, after reading yet another amazing display of tantalizing peanut-y poetry along with those food pics, I’m thinking a trip to the store is in order to stock up on this treat. Thanks to you and these wonderful authors.


  10. Just my luck to open your post at lunchtime…my little salad looks rather poor in comparison to all the delicious treats on your page. Sigh:( I am now keeping a folder of PB poems – thank you!


    1. Thank YOU so much for the delicious, delightful poem, just brimming with PB goodness in all forms. That Smart Balance must be good for creativity!


  11. Hi, Jama. I didn’t make it past the peanut butter truffles at the top of the post. Loved Amy’s Peanut Butter & Jellyfish poem — the third graders I visit would get a kick out of that one.


    1. Amy’s poem is definitely very unique — quirky in the best possible way. Thanks for visiting — hope you move on to the cupcakes and cookies sometime :).


  12. Oh man, I posted a comment here. I know I did. It was like the first one this morning after you posted on my blog. But it’s not here and I’ve spent a couple of hours posting all over the place for PF and now I’m wondering if nothing is posting. Okay…it keeps saying it is posting and not leaving this screen. I was trying to post with FB and it shows my FB but the comment screen stays frozen.

    I will try again using another method. So frustrating. How many hours do people spend on PF comments?

    I am trying a 4th time.

    Jif peanut butter, creamy, is my fav!

    Amy’s poem made me laugh out loud.


    1. Thanks for trying so many times — I hope it’s just a fluke with the site today and not a permanent problem with your commenting here. Is it just my blog that has this problem?


      1. I’m not sure if it was just your blog. I’m slowly making my way through the other PF posts to see if there were others that didn’t go through.


  13. Okay, for whatever reason today, Jama, your blog doesn’t like FB or Twitter for authentication. But I’m here, again, at last! 🙂


  14. Got to remember before I come here to put on my bib (drool, drool, drool)! Love every bit of this–the peanut butter and jelly Monas, the poems “sandwich never made” – Ha!), the recipes (oh for some peanut butter pie!), Jama’s cheerleading from the sidelines. What a feelgood place. Thanks Jama.


    1. Yes, you should definitely make sure you’re all bibbed up before visiting — but since we’re all friends here, a few drippy drools are socially acceptable. 🙂


  15. What a yummy post! Haitian peanut butter is really the best, but all of these pb delights look mouth-watering, too!


  16. This whole post is so deliciously teasing! I am in the midst of my peanut butter poem submission, still slathering it around and figuring out the perfect ending. Now I have to go put some PB on a cracker to drive away this unmanageable craving I have!


  17. Who would have thought there would be so many peanut butter poems!?
    My favorite peanut butter snack: One handful of dark chocolate chips. One spoon full of peanut butter. Turn spoon upside down onto chocolate chips. Spoon into mouth!


  18. Oh Jama, your entire collection this PB month should be made into a book!!! You do know that, don’t you? Can’t even choose a favorite among all the poems here. Your posts always make me hungry, I should find my nutella and and hunt down a peanut butter to go along with it. Yummylicious!


    1. A PB book? The idea seems so simple it’s hard to believe someone hasn’t already done it. I certainly can’t pick a favorite. Well, on second thought, there “is” one poem that really made me laugh out loud . . . still to come!


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