thank you, thank you!

Dear Exceptionally Smart and Good Looking Friends,

Thank you for reading, subscribing, liking, linking, commenting, sharing, lurking, smiling, scrolling by, pondering, nibbling and noshing with us here at Alphabet Soup. I appreciate every single drool, tummy rumble and screen lick!

I’m grateful to have your continuing support, and am certain you are the best blog readers ever!

Have a GOOD GOBBLE tomorrow. EAT PIE!



Mr. Cornelius, Hatley, the Paddingtons and Ms. Jama


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24 thoughts on “thank you, thank you!

  1. Thanks to you too, Jama. Your blog is one of my favorite online communities. Have a Happy Happy delicious and delightful Thanksgiving! Xena send a woof your way.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Jama! I had a dream last night that James Taylor read a book (his “new book series” 😉 to my class, and I had him hold up a sign that said HI JAMA & took a photo to post on your fb wall!!! 🙂


  3. And thank you, Jama, for welcoming us to your delicious, friendly, and thought-provoking corner of the internet!


  4. ‘Exceptionally smart and goodlooking’ happens to be my middle name (or so I think). Happy Thanksgiving to you beautiful woman, ‘a thousand kisses deep.’ 🙂


    1. Ah, did you have to say, “thousand kisses deep” again? Now I’m all weak in the knees and dribbly. I need to be on point and professional, immune to sexy troubadours with deep voices.

      Naturally you come to mind immediately whenever I hear the words, “exceptionally smart and goodlooking.” 🙂


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