the art of breakfast with danny gregory

Now you can eat your breakfast and draw it too! Enjoy this video about author and journal illustrator, Danny Gregory. I love to watch artists work. Never has a cup of PG Tips and an onion seed bagel been so yummy!

* * *

Learn more about Danny’s work at his Official Website. See his gallery of illustrated journals here, and check out his blog for even more.


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16 thoughts on “the art of breakfast with danny gregory

  1. Oh, Jama! I am such a Danny Gregory fan. Thank you for this one, new to me! He is an incredibly inspiring man, and this video is just what I needed to begin today. Beautiful! Many many thanks. xo, a.


    1. I agree — it takes me several hours and cups of tea before I can seriously begin anything. Love all the cool objects he has in his kitchen too.


  2. I’ve been a huge fan of Danny Gregory’s work for years, especially his illustrated journals. Love the video and am eager to read his new memoir. I know the story of his wife and am amazed by his strength after her loss. He is a class act!


  3. The video is wonderful, Jama. I have not thought to research Danny Gregory further. I have one of his books, An Illustrated Life, & love every page. I’ve shared it & used it with my students for both art projects & field journaling. I just did some more research & ordered one other book by him. Thank you so much!


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