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colin chair

The nouvelle stuff really gets up my nose. I’ve never liked the way you end up with a sphincter of pigeon with a raspberry reduction. I am very rarely satisfied by the idea of quality being enough. If I like something I want more of it . . . My parents grew up in India. I love cooking and I can do Indian food. It’s my party piece though it’s very hard to get it right.

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26 thoughts on “♥ person of the week ♥

  1. Ok. Admittedly, he falls beyond my usual age range – BUT, I totally get that boyish, youthful, ultra-casual appeal in the first photo. Now this is a man to open Valentine week with. I hear you, dear Jama. You are a lady after my own heart.


  2. Love this. And I think it’s funny that he’s outside Myra’s age range, since both of my kids (18 and 19) have a thing for him!


  3. Ahhhhh. Talent, looks and brains–Colin’s got it all! He takes the cake, all right.
    (Denzel’s not bad, either.)

    Happy Valentine’s Week, Jama!


    1. I’m infinitely fortunate to be his “secret wife.” 🙂

      I’ll put you on the “Denzel will be visiting for tea list.” Put on a pretty frock! Happy Valentine’s Day Week to you too.


  4. Hubba hubba. What a delicious way to start the week. Thank you, Jama!

    (I find myself wanting to ask Mr. Darcy Firth why drinking capuccino after dinner is an Italian no-no. I don’t drink coffee at all, but I still find myself curious.)


    1. I’m curious too — and didn’t realize it was such a big no-no until I read that article. I’m thinking I’d now like to hear him speak Italian. 🙂


    1. Person of the Week was really just for Valentine’s Day, but it could easily become an irregular regular feature, especially with the likes of James Taylor *swoon* who bakes a mean pie. 🙂

      Hmmmm, Sweet Baby Pie. . . I could really get behind that.


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