here comes the soup! here comes the soup!

It’s all Andy Warhol’s fault that I’m hooked on soupy pop art stuff. The iconic Campbell’s soup cans continue to appear on jewelry, accessories, even fishing lures, and they just keep calling my name. (Click on each image for more info at Etsy.)

soup sign
“Here Comes the Soup” print by Juanjez
soup earrings
Kitsch Soup Earrings by Gin Atomique

warhol soup bowl
Pop Art Soup Bowl via Roselein Rarities
iphone 5 soup case
Campbell’s Soup iPhone Case by Custom Gift Idea
felt soup cans
Handmade Felt Campbell’s Soup Can by ephemeraldesign
soup can bag
Vintage 60’s Campbell’s Soup Can Bag via luola
cuff band outside
Acrylic Campbell’s Soup Pop Art Cuff Bracelet by Jabalee Design

cuff band inside

soup art print
Acrylic Handpainted Newspaper Print by popcapopca
soup lure
Warhol Soup Original Recyclure by teddmcdonah
soup wristlet
Soup Cans Wristlet by LABlackBags
soup shoulder bag
Soup Cans Canvas Shoulder Bag by LABLackBags
soup pillow covers
Tomato Soup Cans Pillow Covers by catnapcottage
Ribbet collage
Oxymoron Soup 4 x 7 Giclee Art Prints (signed and dated) by Plastic God
rsd2 tomato soup
R2D2 Campbell’s Soup digital print by SteGentileNerdArt
soup can photo
Fine Art Photo taken at Caddo Lake, Uncertain, TX, by Sonia Quintero/Squintphotography

Finally, not for sale but SO cool:

Warhol inspired Soup Can Designer Shoes via Andy Blog


Was that as good for you as it was for me?

Andy’s Soup always stays hot!


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21 thoughts on “here comes the soup! here comes the soup!

  1. I didn’t realize Campbell’s Tomato SOUP had such a following. I couldn’t live without my Campbell’s. Thanks for the heads up. I love, love, love your blog–good food and good books–what else is there?


    1. Hi Tam!

      I can see you’re a kindred spirit. Campbell’s Tomato is the official soup here at Alphabet Soup — I use it to celebrate new books in my Soup of the Day posts. 🙂


  2. I’m especially amused by the fishing lure (seriously!!) and the oxymoron posters, and the bear paintings are adorable! Who knew Warhol’s pop art would make such a lasting impact on the craft world?


  3. The R2D2s, the oxymorons, and the shoes — how do you find them?? Also, liked yesterday’s post 😉 I don’t know what Myra was talking about re: age range.


    1. LOL — yeah, I’m with you. What was Myra thinking??!!

      Actually I visited the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh last Fall and started reading more about him, and suddenly these soupy things began appearing while I was researching indie artists to interview. It’s all good. 🙂


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