unexpected blog hiatus

Happy April, Friends,

I was all set to serve up some delicious Poetry Month goodness, but now I’ve been called away because of family health issues. Though it’s likely I won’t be posting for most of April, I’ll try to check in when I can with those of you who are hosting special poetry events on your blogs — I really hate to miss anything.

I will continue to update my 2013 Kidlit Poetry Month Events Roundup, so if you leave a comment at that post or email me, I’ll add your info to the list. Have you checked it lately? It’s growing nicely and there are SO many cool things happening this month.

Sorry about this, thanks for understanding. Keep the soup warm till I get back?


39 thoughts on “unexpected blog hiatus

  1. Hope all goes well, Jama…I’ll be thinking of you! My best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to your family, and here’s to wishing you a speedy return to this delectable site.


  2. I was sorry to read this Jama. You are such a force of goodness and cheer, I’m sure with you near all will be well soon. I will add you and your family to my prayers.


    1. Just sending more hugs. The fact that your hiatus has lasted this long makes me concerned about the severity of the family health issues. I hope you’re holding up okay. Email me (plumeria47 at fulmerfamily dot com) if you need a friendly ear or a supportive care package or something, all right? *hugs and tea*


  3. Jama,

    I’ll keep you and your family in my thoughts. I understand. I, too, took a blog hiatus for two months because of a sick family member. I’m happy to say that person is well again. I wrote my first blog post for Wild Rose Reader since late January yesterday afternoon. I wanted to post during National Poetry Month.


  4. Keeping the kettle on for you, Jama, with wishes for health and comfort and safe travels. Thank you for your amazing Poetry Month round-up, which I’ve already linked to forty-eleven times at least.


  5. Take the time with your family you need. Family is always first! Know we will miss you — and we will be right here when you return. Sending positive thoughts and good wishes.


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