the great (almost disastrous) cornelius caper

Last week, these lollipops mysteriously appeared in the mail.


Cornelius had been dying to taste a caper-flavored lollipop ever since he read Dan Krall’s The Great Lollipop Caper. 


Despite the warning, he was sure he’d never be appalling.



He removed the wrapper. The lollipop was strangely smooth and unsticky. No smell.




Lick lick.

Nope, not him. He was a good bear, a likeable bear — no lollipop in the whole wide world could ever change that.


Without asking permission, he raided the cookie jar.


When he got thirsty, he took to the bottle.



Then, I’m sorry to report, he began writing nasty words.


*covers eyes*

Lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick.

He decided he would do every naughty thing the children did in the book!



And that wasn’t all.

My stars, you WILL NOT believe what he did next.


Desecrated the title of an otherwise tasty book. GASP!

Beyond appalling!

Antidote lollipop to the rescue!





Lick lick.


Guess Dan’s story is true.

Read The Great Lollipop Caper with great caution.

DO NOT eat any caper-flavored lollipoopspops unless you have Antidote lollipops on hand.

Cornelius has learned his lesson. He’s back to being his well-behaved self.


Well, almost.

* * *

lollipop caper cover

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Deadline for entries: Midnight (EDT) Friday, May 24, 2013.


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25 thoughts on “the great (almost disastrous) cornelius caper

  1. Cornelius broke bad! What fun and *long* overdue. He’s just been too well-behaved. I especially like what he did to your book–such irreverence. I suppose we all need a regular lollipop when we start carrying on.


  2. Oh, my. Powerful stuff! But even when up to no good, that Cornelius still looks charming. I hope you’ve been able to resist those caper lollipops yourself, Jama. I shudder to think . . .


    1. The remaining caper lollipop is like a big bad siren calling my name. The sound is deafening. So far I’ve been able to resist, but I’m getting weaker . . .


    1. I agree — so many naughty people out there who don’t need caper lollipops to prompt appalling behavior. I imagine some are way beyond antidote help too. 😀


  3. I love Cornelius! I hate to think what would happen if you gave Paddington a caper lollipop-he’d probably did it into the marmalade and, then, oh, what a mess! I have to ask: Did you MAKE those lollipops and packages or actually find them somewhere?


    1. Sshhh! Don’t tell Paddington about the lollipops. He seems perfectly capable of getting into mischief without them.

      Dan had the lollipops made especially for promoting his book. Of course he designed the tags. 🙂


  4. Simply shocking behavior Cornelius! I thought perhaps Aunt Jemima blue bear would douse him with syrup and slow him down, but no!

    Now wondering if it is possible to create double-sided lollipops so there is a balance of good and bad…


    1. The author is donating the signed books and I think he’s including both kinds of lollipops. If you win, I can’t be held responsible for any appalling behavior you may display after eating the caper lollipop. 😀


  5. Whoa, Cornelius better stay away from that Tennessee whiskey! Perhaps he’d behave better on Kentucky bourbon? (I can’t say. I don’t like the brown goods from any state.)


  6. Where did Cornelius learn those bad words??

    Now I understand why the caper in a trench coat is giving the pink lollipop the evil eye — “Curses, foiled again!”


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