hooray for ickle and Lardee: the second my milk toof book is out!

Ever wonder what happened to those tiny baby teeth you put under your pillow when you were little?

Could be they’re canoodling with the tooth fairy and reading flossy magazines right this minute. The more ambitious ones are probably making toothpaste commercials. Or maybe, just maybe, a couple of them are planning to come knocking on your door.

When this happened to Berkeley artist Inhae Lee back in 2009, she happily invited her two milk teeth in and began creating photo comics about their adventures on the My Milk Toof blog.

In no time at all, ickle (the curious bookish one) and Lardee (the fun-loving hungry one) attracted legions of loyal fans who can’t get enough of their mischievous antics and irresistible, quirky charm.

I was excited to hear Inhae has just published the second My Milk Toof book based on her blog, which contains 13 stories, 4 of them brand new.

What happens when ickle and Lardee get a new bunk bed and compete for the top bunk?

Or when they are left in charge of looking after the house?

I love “Bored Game,” where the toothsome duo bend the rules playing Monopoly:

“Lardee’s eating the instructions again.”

Naturally I’m always tickled pink with the foodie stories — “Popsicle,” “Piñata,” and my fave, “One Cold Morning,” where there is a little dustup over Cheerios:

Inhae’s handmade props are awesome (tiny newspaper hats, construction hardhats, visors, superhero capes, teeny pencils and scissors), the comedic timing and carefully staged scenes are perfection, and the droll humor appeals to all ages (sometimes just a facial expression can set you off in fits of laughter).

Who’d have ever thought baby teeth could be so cute? ickle and Lardee (inspired by Inhae’s nieces) will win your heart with their distinct personalities, and the meticulously crafted world they live in will make you wish you could be tiny too.

Inhae signs books at a gallery show in San Francisco.

My Milk Toof: The Adventures of ickle and Lardee 2 (Hello My Friend Publications, 2013), can be ordered directly from the My Milk Toof online shop, and makes the perfect holiday gift. It comes signed with three mini-prints and three buttons!

Did you miss the first book? No probs. It’s still available via Inhae’s shop or from major online booksellers.

Check out the book trailer for Book 2. I LOVE the way ickle and Lardee rock back and forth in their little cars!

* * *

♥ My review of the first book, My Milk Toof: The Adventures of ickle and Lardee (Chronicle Books, 2011) is here.


* All photos copyright © 2011-2013 Inhae Lee. All rights reserved.

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14 thoughts on “hooray for ickle and Lardee: the second my milk toof book is out!

    1. Yes, they are adorable, and the more stories you see, the more you love them. Of course I like it best when they don their chef hats and make messes in the kitchen. 🙂


  1. How cute! And I love how the trailer was featured on the vintage Fisher Price TV!
    Her blog is incredible! Soooo funny!
    I’m so glad you featured this today, but I’ll want to check out the adventures of ickle and Lardee so often that it’s sure to take a bite out of my time 🙂


    1. You’ll enjoy her blog, Erik. She makes the ickle and Lardee figures from polymer clay, different ones with different facial expressions.


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