celebriTEA: ladies first


Enjoy a warm sip or two with these lovely ladies.

How many of them do you recognize?








The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Tour Southeast Asia - Day 3





Photo by Jeanloup Sieff Dimensions du scan 865x1300 150pp





The gents are up next!

* * *

ETA: Per special request by Renée LaTulippe, here’s an Answer Key (didn’t think it was necessary, but I guess some of you young ‘uns might not know all the old timey actresses).

Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett

Cate Blanchett


Ingrid Bergman

Hedy Lamarr

Winona Ryder

Brigitte Bardot

Kate Middleton

Renée Zellweger

Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson

Helena Bonham Carter

Julia Child

Catherine Deneuve

Anais Nin

Barbra Streisand

Audrey Hepburn


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42 thoughts on “celebriTEA: ladies first

  1. Oh, I enjoyed this nostalgic interlude over my after-lunch cup of tea. I am terrible with faces and names but loved these wonderful pics all the same. Are you going to give us an answer key?


      1. Heh, not at all. I didn’t recognize Hedy Lamarr because I hadn’t seen her movies or many photos of her. I should have recognized Kate Middleton, but didn’t because it was a profile. Same with Natalie Portman. Some looked familiar but I couldn’t quite think of their names.


  2. What a fun post! I recognized almost all of them. Emma Thompson is another lovely celebrity I would add. She certainly sipped many a cup of tea in SAVING MR. BANKS.


  3. I got all but one (and I think I would have gotten her if she had been turned toward the camera a bit more….) This comes from watching too many old movies as a kid!!! And due to the power of suggestion, I now have to go make myself a cup of tea….


  4. I did okay: couldn’t place Hedy Lamar or Anais Nin. And scanning too quickly misidentified Kate Middleton’s profile as Keira Knightley’s. But my Earl Grey tea was 100% delicious.


  5. I recognised Julia Child! YAY! (‘Course, she was the only one I recognised…)
    And, isn’t Natalie Portman the girl who played Padme Naberre (Queen Amidala) in Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace (and maybe #2 and 3?)?


  6. what a great compilation! loved it. Got everyone (even Anais Nin!) except Hedy Lamar — sorry, Hedy! I’ve never seen her movies….
    Hope you’re keeping warm, Jama! Tea always helps! 😉


  7. Oh fun!!! I knew I was in good company — I drink most afternoons. And as you said, tea is perfect for this cold, cold winter.


  8. I love tea and drink it every day. I think I am one of those rare people who like tea and coffee both. Most people I know are firmly in one camp or the other. I will say that I only drink tea at home. I find that tea out is made with just hot, but not boiling water…ugh….(with the exception of our local Chinese restaurant) Williamson Tea is my favorite for bagged tea.


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