victor nunes just wants to have fun

I think I know what Victor Nunes, a retired art director from São Paulo, Brazil, has for breakfast.

A banana, steamy cappuccino, maybe some bread and butter. But this young-at-heart visionary doesn’t just eat his breakfast, he regularly plays with his food to create delightful doodles and mini pieces of art.

Victor is a person who sees faces in everything. A vivid imagination and a finely honed sense of play seem to be his constant companions each and every day, as he sculpts lighthearted portraits and sketches whimsical scenes. Besides bits of food, he includes everyday objects (pencil shavings, thumbtacks, matchsticks, corks, Q-tips), elevating them from the seemingly mundane to redefine their roles, always inspiring us to take a good second look at whatever is within our reach.

Enjoy this sampler platter of Victor’s work. You will never look at a piece of lettuce, a potato chip or cracker quite the same way again. Enjoy!



Salmon skin



Victor posts something new every day on his Facebook page, Victor Nunes Faces.  It’s hard to decide what’s more exciting — to see what material he’ll use or what he’ll choose to do with it. Don’t miss any of the fun!


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14 thoughts on “victor nunes just wants to have fun

  1. Fabulous! I often see faces in abstract tile patterns. My daughter sees hearts everywhere which is adorable. Very clever, thanks for sharing, Jama.


  2. I admit I hadn’t heard of him before, but I’m just blown away by his artwork and ability to use food or household items to finish the picture – in so many different ways! Wow, that was just amazing!


  3. He was probably forbidden to play with his food when he was little and this is a huge catharsis.:) I wonder how long it takes him to finish a meal… can you imagine seeing all those things and trying to resist the temptation to turn it into art before consuming it? 🙂


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