vote for chocolate chocolate!

Attention: Good-looking friends, blog readers, lurkers and chocolate lovers!

Washington, DC’s favorite (and first independent) chocolate shop, Chocolate Chocolate, needs your vote. They recently learned they will be losing half their storefront due to a building renovation (boo! hiss!). Naturally this will decrease their visibility from the street and shut out some of the natural light.

You may remember my interviewing owners Frances and Ginger Park, who opened this ‘little shop that could’ about 30 years ago. Those of you who’ve been there know this is more than just a business — this shop with its awesome level of personalized service is an extension of their home.

Chocolate Chocolate has just entered the Wells Fargo Works for Small Business Contest — where five winners will be chosen to receive $25,000 each. This mentorship would enable Frances and Ginger to boost their online presence via social media and advertising, and develop more marketing strategies for the 21st century.

To cast your vote, click here. But hurry, the contest ends today, June 30, midnight PT.

Support small business! Support CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE!

Please share the contest link with all your friends and on all your social networks!

Thank you!


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  1. Voted!
    As you know, I am a fan–of the book and the store and the people and the chocolate! 🙂


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