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There’s something wonderfully nostalgic and old school about chalk art. I remember being so excited when it was my turn to erase the blackboards in grade school. Before clapping the erasers outside, replacing stubs with brand new sticks of chalk, and wiping the boards clean with a wet rag, I liked to “play teacher” with my own little scribbles and drawings.

Now I have three chalkboards in my kitchen: one for the grocery list, one displaying an inspirational quote for the week, the third to advise guests: “Feel free to wait on me.” 🙂 There’s also another chalkboard in our dining room, where I post the menu when we have company for dinner (it’s fun to “play restaurant”).


No surprise that I fell hard for Valerie McKeehan’s charming hand lettered chalk art, which she features on prints, note cards, stationery, gifts and accessories. Naturally I love her kitchen-themed designs best — tear-off placemats, illustrated recipes, menu boards, foodie sayings. Lily & Val products are quaintly whimsical with that undeniable handmade-heartmade quality I covet, and are available via or at the Lily & Val Chalk Art Boutique on Etsy.

I recently ordered some note cards which arrived lickety split — I kind of hate to part with them, but will enjoy sending them to special friends. 🙂

Enjoy this little Lily and Val sampler. How can you resist?




















Check out this video for the story behind Valerie’s chalk art:

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alphabet icon Certified authentic alphabetica. Made by hand just for you with love and Crayola Anti-Dust Chalk.


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19 thoughts on “chalk it up to lily and val

    1. The cards make a nice change from the mass-produced so-so ones around.

      I find that guests like reading the menu ahead of time so they know how to pace themselves. 🙂


  1. The Ferris Bueller quote — ha! When our children were little, we made a chalkboard with special paint and some wood moulding to frame it. Sometimes, they still leave each other drawings and messages there. I’ll be sad when it’s time to paint over it.


  2. Oh, CRAP. And she has wrapping paper, too. That’s it. The month of no spending… well, okay. I can WAIT to buy it, but it seems disingenuous during The Month of No Spending to actually see things you want and then… put them on a list. *sigh*

    I left Scotland with a piece of Scotland slate – real deal, what blackboards were made of, and still are in rural areas. It takes chalk beautifully, and it’s not big enough for a full menu, but it’s nice for a Quote of the Day or a “welcome” sign. I love it.


    1. That Scotland slate sounds fantastic. What a nice keepsake!

      I’m impressed with your willpower. Maybe I need to declare a month of no spending too. Hmmmm. Do donuts count? 🙂


  3. What a coincidence — we are supposed to be having a month of no spending, too, and I also want the wrapping paper! I don’t have any Scotland slate, though.
    Heading over to the Etsy store just to look (I hope!)…


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