please look after these statues, thank you.

Pad Pad Paddington!

I can’t begin to tell you how happy this photo of Hugh Bonneville and his Paddington statue makes me.

“The Journey of Marmalade” by Hugh Bonneville

I mean seriously. It’s Paddington Bear AND Downton Abbey rolled into one! *swoons*

The London Trail officially opened last week, with 50 Paddington statues scattered around the city. It’s fun to see all the different designs, the many “possibilities” of our favorite bear from darkest Peru.

I think “The Journey of Marmalade” is my fave, but here are a few others I especially love:

“Sherlock Bear” by Benedict Cumberbatch
“The Bear of London” by Boris Johnson
“Paddington Who?” by Peter Capaldi
“Shakesbear” by Michael Sheen


Visit the Paddington Trail website to see all the bear statues, notes about their designers, and a map of where the statues can be found. At the end of December, all the statues will be auctioned off for charity. How cool is that?!

Have a chunky marmalade kind of week!

(Tip your hat whenever possible.) 🙂 🙂 🙂

ETA: Today’s Hugh’s Birthday!

Hugh with other Paddington cast members

Now we must definitely have marmalade sandwiches today in his honor! Happy Birthday, Hugh!


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14 thoughts on “please look after these statues, thank you.

  1. Fifty statues! Wow, how wonderful is that, Jama. They’re just darling. Reminds me of the cows all over the nation a few years ago, although many Paddingtons is much better than cows!


  2. Paddington is better than the cows for sure, but I loved those cows too. There are about three (of the original) left in Toronto, but at one time, there were many, many. Wish I could be there in person too, Jama!

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  3. This is slightly off-topic but your first photo brought it to mind. There is a movie on Netflix that you might enjoy called From Time to Time. It is based on a children’s book and directed by Julian Fellowes (pre Downton). The cast includes Hugh Bonneville with a small part, Dominic West (medium part) and Maggie Smith (big part).


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