i’ll have another cup: rob draper’s beautiful hand lettering on everyday objects

#51 in an ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet.

Today, for your feasting and ogling pleasure, the brilliant work of UK-based designer, illustrator, hand lettering artist and typographer Rob Draper.

His specialties include creative typography and layout for print, branding and typography/lettering for apparel, large scale typography/murals, and art direction.

Love his unique “canvases” — pencils and erasers, for example.

His Coffee Time and Napkin Time series, part of his current obsession to draw and hand letter on discarded everyday objects, are especially cool.






Did you ever think a paper cup, coffee stirrer, napkin, paper towel or piece of toilet tissue could be so amazing?

Of course my absolute favorites are his use of actual food.




See more of Rob’s work at his website, Instagram, or tumblr.


Happy Tuesday!

♥ More alphabetica here.



alphabet iconCertified authentic alphabetica. Made by hand just for you with love, ink, and lotsa cups.


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18 thoughts on “i’ll have another cup: rob draper’s beautiful hand lettering on everyday objects

  1. I don’t know where you find this stuff, but I’m so glad you do! I love hand-lettering but writing on food, or arranged coffee stirrers just blew me away. I’ll never look at the “heel” of bread the same–will want to write on it!


  2. My breath literally caught in my throat when I clicked over here today, Jama – I didn’t know Rob Draper’s work before, but I’m so glad to have discovered it here! You can only imagine how I’m swooning over these letters… :0)


  3. Oooh, purty. I love that he doodles all over Costa napkins. There is SO MUCH paper given away with take-out cups that someone beautifying it makes my whole day – probably makes the day of the people who find it as well.


    1. You’re right about all that wasted paper — it’s nice that he’s beautifying the world one cup or napkin at a time . . . 🙂


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