hotTEAS of Children’s Poetry: David L. Harrison and Charles Waters

Is it just me, or is it hotter than blue blazes around here?

David L. Harrison is the Christopher Award winning author of more than 70 books of fiction, nonfiction and poetry that have sold over 15 million copies and earned numerous honors. David’s work has been presented on national television and radio, produced on cassette and CD-ROM, widely anthologized in books, and published in many magazines and professional journals. (photo taken by David’s wife Sandy at their home in Springfield, MO)


☕ Cuppa of Choice: “I’m strictly a Lipton’s man.”

☕ Hot Off the Press: Cowboys: Voices in the Western Wind (Wordsong/Boyds Mills Press, 2012), illustrated by Dan Burr.

☕ Visit David L. Harrison’s Official Website

☕☕ Sip this poem David wrote just for us:



I took my Folgers
To my chair
In hopes my muse
Would meet me there.

Alas the date
Was not to be,
My muse preferred
Her Lipton’s tea.

I’m brilliant now,
Don’t wish to brag,
The secret was in
The Lipton’s bag.

~ Copyright © 2015 David L. Harrison. All rights reserved.


Charles Waters is a NYC-based poet, actor and educator whose work has been featured in several anthologies. Charles conducts his one man show POETRY TIME, as well as poetry performance workshops for elementary and middle school audiences all over the nation, while seamlessly incorporating the Common Core Curriculum. He has performed in more than 30 states from Alaska to Louisiana to New York. He has also worked with several theatre touring companies and has appeared in television commercials.
(photos by Carlos Vizcaino/GustOrganics)


☕ Cuppa of Choice: “One of my favorite kinds of tea is Green Tea. Power packed and good for you. Sometimes I may put almond milk in it as well as agave. The restaurant where I bought the tea is GustOrganics, which is located in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. They serve organic vegan cuisines. I don’t go there often, but when I do, it’s happy time. Don’t get me started on their Tiramisu! Happy Tea Drinking, Everyone!”

☕ Hot Off the Press: Poems in Dear Tomato: An International Crop of Food and Agriculture Poems, edited by Carol-Ann Hoyte (CreateSpace, 2015), and The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations: Holiday Poems for the Whole Year in English and Spanish, compiled by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong (Pomelo Books, 2015). 

☕ Visit Charles Waters’s Official Website and Blog. You can also find him at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

☕☕ Lap up this poem Charles wrote just for us:


Sipping tea, you and me,

Gazing at the sparkling sea

We are now a family,

Holding hands, breath to breath,

There’s no place I’d rather be.

Copyright © 2015 Charles Waters. All rights reserved.


Be still my heart. I need to go lie down and cool off.

Cabana boys, fan me with palm fronds.

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Copyright © 2015 Jama Rattigan of Jama’s Alphabet Soup. All rights reserved.

31 thoughts on “hotTEAS of Children’s Poetry: David L. Harrison and Charles Waters

  1. Something about tea makes a man special. My hubby sips Lipton Green Tea, so he’s like both of these poem-makers.
    Thanks for reminding me of David & Charles’ most recent publications. The titles are already underlined.

    And my Green Tea is seeping beside me (not Lipton today but Traditional Medicinals’ Green Tea with Lemongrass.)

    I think their tea time poems are going may inspire me to write one about the sips I savor.


  2. I’ve had the privilege of doing workshops with David, and wish I could have that pleasure with Charles sometime! Their poems always inspire, with me wishing I could find that wonderful muse they have, maybe in a cuppa tea? Thanks Jama, David & Charles!


  3. A couple of good guys. I, too, had a chance to work with David when Linda and I and several others attended a Highlights Poetry workshop a couple years ago – and coincidentally, I stayed in the same cabin Charles had been in just a couple years before that!


    1. Sounds like all you HotTEAs stick together :). I remember seeing some pics and reading a little about David’s workshop — I seem to remember participants singing around a campfire.

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    1. I see by your user pic that you’re also wearing blue! There was no advance planning on what to wear. Just decided to pair these two after they sent their pics. 🙂


    1. Both poems were written just for this post — it was so nice of David and Charles to take the time to do that. Perhaps you should brew up some blueberry tea? 🙂


      1. Maybe SunTea! Have you ever had southern sweet tea made with Luzianne iced tea bags? Ah, that’s heaven. I may have to go make some now, and put it out on the deck to steep until dinner.


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