steeping in the deliciousness of lucile’s kitchen



Whenever I need a little lift, I take a loveliness break at Lucile’s Kitchen. It’s always such a pleasure to see what new prints or posters she’s added to her shop. Her carefree sketchy style is distinctive and arresting — fruits and veggies seem to dance on the page, and the composition of her illustrated recipes is always interesting with its layers and textures.

strawberry cake


Paris-based illustrator Lucile Prache, who’s been studying ballet since childhood, thinks of her creations as dance pieces — they may look easy and effortless on the surface, but a lot of hard work is behind them. She uses watercolor, ink, pencil, Chinese brushes and Wacom Cintiq tablet to create her stunning pieces, everything from French pastries to Vietnamese pho to recipes for chocolate cake and Japanese dumplings. And tea, lots of tea! 🙂


Lucile counts among her influences a love of travel journals and Chinese calligraphy, which she’s been studying since the 80’s. Besides creating the prints she sells at Etsy, she works for a number of corporate clients (fashion magazines, advertising), has illustrated several cookbooks, and is currently working on two more featuring French regional cooking. I love the vitality, whimsy, and joie de vivre in her work, a welcome breath of fresh air. Enjoy!



japanese sweets




chinese flavors



french pastries

cabbage wip

fish wip

lucile wip


Don’t you feel happier now? 🙂

♥ See lots more at Lucile’s official websiteEtsy, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook (where she posts wonderful WIP photos).

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. And now I have an overwhelming urge to try my hand at watercolor. It always looks so graceful – so beautifully flowing, and I know it’s reflecting just days and days of practice… le sigh. I am happier, if a bit wistful. Such glorious colors!


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