six cool things on a tuesday


A few tasty tidbits to make your week:

1. Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte! How much do we love the new royal baby? She seems perfect in every way, doesn’t she?


And what better way to mark this special occasion than with a sweet mug from Emma Bridgewater? 🙂 You can pre-order this little beauty now for shipping later this month (U.S. residents can get free shipping from Joanne Hudson).


Here’s the other side:


You know you want one. 🙂


2. Nothing I like more than a chewy, flavorful foodie book roundup. Check out Anne Schamberg’s delectable post from the Journal Sentinel featuring 11 new titles. I’ve reviewed several of the books here at Alphabet Soup (A Fine Dessert, Gingerbread for Liberty!, Kids Cook French, Lidia’s Egg-Citing Farm Adventure). Can’t wait to read the others. Anne has also included five recipes. Yum!



3. Recently, readers of the News & Observer were asked to share stories of their favorite kitchen heirlooms. They sent in photos of old cookie cutters, whisks, scales, and other cooking and baking tools, and talked about the history behind them. So interesting to read about what foods were made with these objects, who made them, and how they were shared. Thanks to Melodye Shore for the link!



4. Guess what just came out on DVD?! Hooray for Paddington! In case you missed seeing the film this past winter, or if, like me, you want to watch it again and again, grab a copy soon. Make a pile of marmalade sandwiches to munch on while you watch. Did you know they’ve already started working on the sequel? 🙂



5. How about 15 Places for Afternoon Tea You Must Visit Before You Die? Thus far I haven’t been to any of these places — frankly, some of them feel a little too posh for my tastes, but I could see myself at Cinnamon Soho, Drink Shop & Do, or the Betty Blythe Vintage Tearoom. The Berkeley and Bake-a-boo look like fun too!



6. Mmmmm, how about “8 Fictional Chefs Whom We’d Like to Sit Down and Have a Meal With?” Nothing better than a piece of fiction that makes your mouth water. Invite me to Mrs. Weasley’s, of course I’d love to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, and Calpurnia’s cracklin’ bread from To Kill a Mockingbird sounds divine!




*   *   *

Oh, a hummingbird just greeted me at the window!

It’s going to be a good day!

Happy Tuesday!


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20 thoughts on “six cool things on a tuesday

  1. Hummingbird visitors are just the best! They’re attracted to sweet, so it’s no surprise they’re showing up at your house.

    (Oh hey, love that you included those vintage items in this post. So beautiful, the handiwork on those kitchen tools, and lovelier still, the stories behind them.)

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    1. We don’t usually see hummingbirds in our yard, so this is a special treat. We don’t have any flowers because of the deer, so we’re not very popular with them. But something’s drawing this one little guy and we’re thrilled. We may have to put out a feeder for him/her.

      And thanks again for the kitchen heirlooms link! Enjoyed reading all those stories. 🙂

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  2. All links to savor, Jama. I want to tell you that I just discovered the Great British Bake-Off show this past winter. What fun it was to watch! Glad you had the wonderful visitor, and thanks for all!

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    1. I love the Great British Bake-Off — happy you started watching it. I hope I see the hummingbird again this afternoon. 🙂


  3. I love this woman’s Aga… and I wouldn’t mind if she made me cakes as fast as she could, either. Too cute!

    It’s lovely that your hummingbirds just GREET you. Mine believe they’re eighteen feet tall and own the deed to the house…


  4. Scrumptious early week bites.
    And following the link to the roundup of foodie books for little chefs – so pleased to be reminded that the sister creatives of COOK-A-DOODLE DO gave a presentation of that book here in Tallahassee that our daughter participated in. She got to be the chef (yes, the pig.) We devour (with our eyes) that beautifully autographed keepsake.


  5. I so wish I could dine and chat with Mrs. Weasley! (Actually, ALL of the Harry Potter characters would be a real treat.) But Mrs. Weasley just seems like such an awesome cook/fictional mum.

    And Aunty, we must hit up some of those gorgeous tea places! I’m always up for some afternoon tea. 🙂


    1. I wouldn’t mind being adopted by Mrs. Weasley :).

      Those tea places are all in the UK, I think — quite a ways to travel for a cuppa. Maybe you could hire a private jet?


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