coming soon to alphabet soup!

I know what you’re thinking.

Now that the weather is decidedly cooler, just what is Alphabet Soup going to do about it?

Let me ask you this: do you have a working fire extinguisher? Is your flame-retardant suit back from the cleaners? Have you stocked up on pot holders and oven mitts?

Fair Warning:  If you can’t stand the heat, best get out of the kitchen right now, because —

On certain Thursdays, we’ll be serving up a number of specially hand-picked, deliciously handsome or beauTEAful prime specimens from the kidlit world toting their hotter than hot beverages just to warm you up!

by Jiri Sliva

Yes, my pretties, coming soon to Alphabet Soup:

(drum roll, please):

*sighs* *swoons* *smelling salts*

Steel yourselves. Because HOT.

I daresay my pulse races at the mere thought. Please excuse me while I re-upholster my fainting couch.



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27 thoughts on “coming soon to alphabet soup!

  1. Trust you to find another fun and lovely way to up children’s lit peeps — and the not often seen MALE of the species! Warming my tea pot and getting out the good cups…

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  2. I have to fan myself. HoTeas and Tea. What could be better. I will miss the poets, though. I have to share an embarrassing moment, though. You know where you say “Please excuse me while I re-upholster my fainting couch”? I love that line, but I read it as “farting couch” which was a tragic mistake, but hilarious. My eyes are still watering. I love your site, Jama.

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    1. LOL! That’s SO funny, Brenda. I think we’ve both had the experience of smelling farts that could make us faint. Not our own, of course. We’re too civilized . . .

      Perhaps one could accessorize a farting couch with whoopee cushions? 😀


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