Indie Artist Spotlight: Rommy Kuperus of RommydeBommy

When it comes to Rommy Kuperus’s foodie fashion accessories, you can have your cake and wear it too.

Totally calorie free, her fanciful, over-the-top creations break all the rules, definitely turn heads, and are just too much fun.

Fancy a candy roll purse, a waffle clutch, a fried egg brooch? No need to cry over spilled coffee when you can wear a matching coffee bean necklace.

Did you know it’s totally de rigueur to accessorize with baked goods? How do you think baguette got its name?

And poor pasta, always getting such a bad carbo-rap. Why not stash all your guilt in Rommy’s farfalle bow clutch?

While you’re at it, deck out your male friends in babelicious bow ties. Is there anything cooler?

Based in Rotterdam, Rommy describes herself as a Lifestyle and Design Student, Fashion Blogger and Designer who’s a color and glitter freak. She’s  all about high energy and taking an outrageous idea to the limit. She uses lightweight foam to create her novelty bags, clutches, purses and jewelry, which can be ordered in various sizes, and she’s open to custom orders.


Rommy’s here today to tell us more. Any food items you’d like to see as a purse? I wouldn’t mind a cupcake clutch. 🙂

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Name of shop or business: Rommydebommy

Year established: May 2015

Items you make: Necklaces, Bags/purses/clutches, brooches, bowties and pillows


Studio Location: Rotterdam – The Netherlands


Three words that best describe your art: Color – Explosion – Humor


Self taught or formal training? Public Design, Product Design, & Lifestyle & Design (only finished the first one!)

Tools of the Trade: My hands, clay, foam, PU, paint, Adobe Illustrator/Indesign/Photoshop and Imovie

Inspirations and influences: supermarket, architecture, color combinations, toys, nature and our daily utensils


Three significant milestones in your career:

1. The fact that I only have buyers from the US and Asia instead of The Netherlands or Europe.

2. Introducing my Rommydebommy – MEN collection with Bow ties that became a huge hit on the internet!

3. Live skype interview with the American TV show ‘Goodday’ Sacramento.


Food that inspires your best work: CANDY!!!




Bestseller: Marsmallow Necklace, Strawberry Clutch Bag and Farfalle Pasta Bow Tie


What is your earliest memory of being creative?

When I was 14, I made a donut necklace by filling a sock with toilet paper, connecting the two outsides to each other and painting it like a donut.

What is the first thing you ever made as an “artist”?

A clutch bag from a empty Potato crisps packaging.


Were you a child fashionista? Any artists/designers in your family?

I wasn’t that interested in fashion when I was little. I started actually searching for my own style when I became 15. I didn’t like the mainstream things and was always searching for that unique piece. My grandpa makes beautiful landscape paintings.

How did you think of making foodie accessories from children’s toys, pet toys and foam bakery display items?

This was actually my first plan by changing already existing products into a bag or necklace (but I’m not proud of this). I have more respect for the creations I made totally handmade by myself. The first thing I pimped into a bag was the brain Clutch.



Which one is your all-time favorite?

Marshmallow necklace! I put so much love in this product.


You have a great flair for modeling your creations and you seem to like being in front of the camera. Have you done any professional modeling?

No, I don’t have any experience. I must say sometimes it took a while to get the perfect shot. I always get really shy when someone takes a close up picture of my face.



What is the most unusual custom order you’ve made so far?

I always say everything is possible and there are no rules; in this way I never get unusual custom orders. 😉




Tell us about some of the funny/unusual/memorable reactions you’ve had to your creations.

The funniest one is probably people who laugh and yell ‘You’re weird’ at me because they think I’m wearing real marshmallows on my necklace! Which is the best compliment ever!!




Describe your studio. How have you fashioned your work environment to enhance creativity and maximize productivity?

I live in a student room which I have transformed into a studio. It is small and packed but I really like living in chaos. It’s so inspiring to look at all my colorful clothes, shoes, creations and materials.



What are your long term goals?

Working with artists, having a real Rommydebommy studio in the city together with some talented people, and travel around the world.



Any new projects you’re especially excited about?

Yes!!!! I’m busy with something brand new right now which will be all about fashion in a Rommydebommy style of course ;).


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♥ MORE ♥

🍕 Rommy’s Official Website

🍭 RommydeBommy Etsy Shop

🍓 RommydeBommy Facebook Page


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27 thoughts on “Indie Artist Spotlight: Rommy Kuperus of RommydeBommy

    1. I love that purse too — so colorful! Rommy recently made a cheese bow tie that’s really cute too (you can see it on her FB page).


  1. Your blog had me smiling as I am sitting in the r repair waiting room! Thank you. I enjoy this creativity.


  2. These are a riot! My favorite is the very first one. I can imagine all the conversations that stop midsentence when someone walks by swinging an upside down cake covered with strawberries–beautiful!


  3. These are incr-edible!! (They really are!) I love the M&Ms purse – and the cheesecake hat… and purse. I’m curious about all the other accessories to go with – like the coffee cup, and the hamburger/chips plate. Are they functional? Or props for the photo shoot?

    Either way, what fun!


    1. All the pieces shown are functional. There’s one pic of the back of the waffle plate — that would be similar to the hamburger plate purse.


  4. Wow – these creative items scream FUN in every color. I would have bet Rommy hired a gorgeous, peppy model – and then I read on to learn that it’s actually her in the pix! Great energy all around. :0)
    Thanks for sharing!


  5. I’m not sure whether to be frightened or delighted. LOL! Though I think my daughter would love the farfalle purse–she’s obsessed with bowtie pasta. 🙂


  6. This is so much fun!! Love her whimsy and humor. And her room / clothes are so colorful. Fun, fun, fun!!


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