hotTEAs of Children’s Literature: Jeremy Tankard

South African born, American and Canadian raised, Jeremy Tankard is the authorstrator™ of the best-selling GRUMPY BIRD books. He is also the illustrator of IT’S A TIGER! by David Larochelle; PIGGY BUNNY by Rachel Vail; HERE COMES DESTRUCTOSAURUS! by Aaron Reynolds; and MELVIS AND ELVIS by Dennis Lee. A reluctant reader for the first half of his life, he is sometimes surprised to find himself authoring books for a living. (Pictured here with his favorite mug — octopus design by A. Williams.)


☕ CUPPA OF CHOICE: Chamomile tea. It’s classic. It’s healthy. It’s tasty. It’s my favourite drink while unwinding in the evening.

☕ HOT OFF THE PRESSES: Grumpy Bird (Scholastic board book edition, March 2016), Melvis and Elvis written by Dennis Lee (HarperCollins, 2015), and Here Comes Destructosaurus written by Aaron Reynolds (Chronicle Books, 2014). Forthcoming: Hungry Bird (Scholastic Press, September 2016).




☕ FAVE FOODIE CHILDREN’S BOOK: I can’t think of any particularly food themed books off the top of my head. But in MY BOOK ABOUT ME [a fill-in-the-blanks baby book by me at age 4 with some help from my “friends” Dr. Seuss and Roy McKie], I list my favourite food as Pronutro, a South African cereal of sorts. It also says I like ice cream and apples and cherries. And then it says, “And please don’t give me any vegetables. I can’t stand it.” This book also claims that “I eat like a boy.” Of course this book also claims my nose looks like this… which is a blatant lie as you can see from that photo of me, so I’m not sure if this food information can be trusted. I love apple pie.


☕ HOTTEA IN THE FLESH: I will be launching HUNGRY BIRD at the upcoming Telling Tales Festival in Rockton, Ontario, on September 18, 2016.

☕ Visit Jeremy Tankard’s Official Website.

☕☕ JUST ONE MORE SIP: Sophia Yang reads Grumpy Bird!


☕☕☕ CAN’T GET ENOUGH: Mr. Cornelius’s favorite illo from Boo Hoo Bird. Cookies!


☕☕☕☕ STILL THIRSTY: Betsy Bird reads Jeremy’s classic Me Hungry! Remember this one? 🙂


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8 thoughts on “hotTEAs of Children’s Literature: Jeremy Tankard

  1. Good morning, Jama! What fun to meet Jeremy here. I’m a big fan. I loved the excerpt from MY BOOK ABOUT ME (although I do hope he’s reconciled with vegetables!).


    1. Good morning to you, Linda! It was fun reading that excerpt — I wonder what “eating like a boy” really means? I love that he will now have two books with the word “hungry” in the title. 🙂 And an apple pie lover — what’s not to like?


  2. Oh, I love this guy’s artwork. Not many illustrators have such a consistent style that you can point out and say, “Oh, that’s a Jeremy Tankard,” automatically. And, yet, it’s not because his drawings are the same, they just have a similar joy.

    He has a great mug, too! ☺


    1. Yes, you’re right — his style is distinctive — lots of energy, joy, very emotive. I’ve been seeing more octopuses these days — must be a thing. 🙂


  3. I adore that beaver! His illustrations are so bold and vivid. I’ve only read Destructosaurus, so I’m looking forward to the other titles. Thanks, Jama 🙂


    1. That beaver *is* adorable. I think his dentist must really like him too. 😀 You’re in for a treat with the Grumpy Bird books. Haven’t seen Melvis and Elvis yet.


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