Sweet Treats from Paris Miniatures

pm21For your Tuesday nibbling pleasure, a selection of beautiful miniature treats created by Emma and Neil of Paris Miniatures.

“Emmaflam” and “Miniman” are a French-English couple who’ve been working together since 2003. Their pieces are hand-crafted from polymer clay in 1:12 scale and are distinguished by their exquisite color, detail, and textures.

pm29If you fancy the sweet life, French food and pastries, you’re sure to find a special something or two or three to please your visual palate, all of it calorie free :).

pm24Choose from a wide selection of gateaux, macarons, cookies, flans, tarts, chocolates, cupcakes, doughnuts and hard candies all decked out for display.

pm26pm16The seasonal and color-themed collections are especially delightful. Feast your eyes and enjoy!

pm19pm15pm11pm18pm14pm9pm8pm6pm5pm7pm10pm20pm28pm27pm22pm3pm1Lovely Valentine’s Day miniatures video:

🍓 Check out the Paris Miniatures Etsy Shop, Facebook Page, Pinterest Board, Instagram and blog for lots more. Emmaflam and Miniman also welcome custom orders. Très bien!

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14 thoughts on “Sweet Treats from Paris Miniatures

  1. Magnifique! How did they manage to get the smear of jelly on the bread to look realistic? The level of detail is just amazing, and they display them wonderfully.


    1. I know some other miniature artists make foodie jewelry, so out there somewhere is someone who makes cake or pie cufflinks. Will investigate . . . 🙂


  2. These are wonderful, Jama!! My daughter used to make mini cakes, breadloaves, pieces of pie and even pies using beer caps as pie tins with polymer clay. She hasn’t been doing as much of it lately now that she’s older, but she did make me amazing Katz & Houndini figurines for Christmas last year :).


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