amazingly cool papermeals by yelldesign

yelldesign pantry


My fascination with stop motion animation continues with this new series of Papermeals created by the yelldesign studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Here’s a 3-course meal for your dining pleasure today: Penne Meatballs, Ramen, and Fish and Chips. Totally calorie free and just too cool. Enjoy!





Find out more about the creative team behind the project at

One more for the road? Why not? A little banana split for dessert:



(watch out for paper cuts)

Copyright © 2016 Jama Rattigan of Jama’s Alphabet Soup. All rights reserved.

7 thoughts on “amazingly cool papermeals by yelldesign

  1. Oh my, these are marvelous. When I watch magicians, I always think “how. . .?” and this is the same. Amazing creativity! Tuesday visiting is always good, Jama!


  2. I always think I can do some artistic thing I see… but nah. This, I have not the patience to do. In grad school, my niece got to work in a lab while someone was doing stop motion stuff, and she said their little clay guy had moved an inch after an 8 hour day. It’s so much work, but it looks so COOL afterward!


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