love me some mouni feddag

When you’ve got the blahs, the perfect way to *WAKE UP* and have some !!FUN!! is with a little Mouni Feddag. 🙂

A self described “drawing person born and based in the UK” who is also “very nice,” Mouni’s distinctive style is all about vibrant shocks of color and a wry humor that examines the human condition with loads of quirky details. She’s like a sketchy doodler gone wild. 😀

Though she was born in England, she moved to Frankfurt with her family when she was nine, and has been back and forth between there and various cities in England ever since. She graduated in 2014 with a Degree in Communications Design from the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt.

She claims that studying in Germany helped solidify her style, a reaction to the “somber, melancholic, and over-conceptual work” she saw in the classes she took. This prompted her to make “silly, pretty things.”

She works in lead pencil and ink, and does all her coloring digitally. She loves to listen to podcasts while she works, and a few years ago revealed she’s a recovering peanut butter and Ryvita addict. When deadlines are looming, her choice of comfort food is porridge (unless cake is available). 🙂

She counts among her inspirations Nicholas Stevenson, Dan Berry, Josie Long, Rowan Atkinson (yes, Mr. Bean!), and Trent Reznor.

I find her pictures intriguing; they draw me in and I want to know more about the people in them. With their small heads, long torsos and limbs, and simply drawn faces, it’s fun to see them slouching over couches, browsing street markets, biking through city streets, or cavorting by the pool. I like the palpable energy of her crowds, and need I mention how much I enjoy her restaurant scenes?

When asked what she would draw if she were invisible for the day, she said, “strange humans in their homes!” I’d say she has a knack for making people doing ordinary things pretty fascinating.

What about books? She has one self published title so far — Illustration: What’s the Point?: A Book of Illustrated Illustrations that Illustrate Illustration (Ilex Press, 2017), and she’s also contributed to Doodlers Anonymous Epic Colouring Book and Quiet, Constant Friends.

Here’s a peek at her book:


And — since last year, she’s been working on “a wonderful, quite big children’s book.” Can’t wait to see that one. 🙂

Mouni is currently represented by The Bright Agency, and her clients have included Oprah Online, NPR, Vogue Online, and Nido Magazine. She’s currently taking commissions via her website, and do check out her Society 6 shop for prints, apparel, accessories, and a variety of home goods.

So, are you awake yet? 🙂

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  1. Lovely and vibrant and full of interesting details. I’m definitely more awake now, though another cup of tea will help 😉

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