the charmed world of british folk artist anna pugh

“Training the Bees” (2018)


It’s always a good day when I stumble upon a new-to-me artist to love. More often than not, the artist in question turns out to be from the UK.


“Tea Break” (2017)


“Blue Birds Over” (2015)


Anna Pugh was born in 1938 and hails from Kent, “the Garden of England.” An esteemed British folk artist, her work shows her deep affinity with plants and animals, both a central part of her life growing up as the daughter of a veterinarian and a devoted gardener.


“Flying Kites” (2016)


“Burning Off” (2014)


“A Doodle Do” (2017)


I love the stories she tells in her paintings, whether a scene of the countryside or coast. Her finely detailed and beautifully textured depictions of flora and fauna and the changing seasons are infused with an element of whimsy and the surreal. Alongside a dog or chicken one might find the occasional unicorn. Who would not be charmed with titles like “Hang Gliding in Heels” or “Bugs Do Pilates”?


“Hang Gliding in Heels” (2013)


“Hose Pipe Ban” (2014)


Initially educated at a convent boarding school, Anna went on to art college, where she studied graphic design and became interested in Mogul and Persian painting. Her work has been compared to that of Rousseau and Chagall: “few artists equal her ability to record natural phenomena and to invigorate it with such persuasive illusion.”


“Everglade” (2013)


“Party Time” (2010)


“Wallace Goes to Sea (2017)


In a thirty year period she’s completed about 300 paintings, all in private collections across the UK, Europe, and North America.


“Our Gang” (2015)


“Catch of the Day” (2016)


“Small Holding” (2013)


“Ceder Cottage” (2016)


“Home Grown” (2013)


“Bird Ark” (2017)


“Early Call” (2012)


“Magic” (2011)


A book about her work by art critic Angus Stewart was published in 2007.


You can see more of Anna’s work and purchase limited edition prints at several online galleries, most notably, Lucy B. Campbell, The Rose Gallery, and The Blank Card Company (cards + prints).

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11 thoughts on “the charmed world of british folk artist anna pugh

  1. So, so wonderful, Jama. With a few exceptions, always water in them, too. People must have been amazed when she first began showing her work. Thanks, will at least check on the cards!

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  2. There are too many of these that are favorites — I first thought, “Oh, that’s lovely… oh, and that one too… and that one…” and I realized I needed to look up this artist and see if she does greeting cards. TEA BREAK is my allllll time fave, though. That is simply so joyful I could look at it all day.

    Thank you, as always.

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  3. The ceder cottage… but aww.. they are all stunning.. I really cant pick a favourite ❤ ❤ I can't just love one!
    So Talented Ana!! ☺☺ ❤


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